July 25, 2024
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Tokenized bonds are announced by Bitfinex Securities.

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Paolo Ardoino, the Chief Technology Officer of Bitfinex and the incoming CEO of Tether, enthusiastically announced a groundbreaking initiative that heralds the dawn of a new era in capital mobilization. Bitfinex Securities, a platform dedicated to listing real-world tokenized securities, has unveiled its inaugural tokenized bond, scheduled for listing in November. This innovative tokenized bond, christened ALT2611, represents a 36-month financial instrument with a generous 10% coupon rate, denominated in Tether (USDT), valued at $1.00. This bond is issued by Mikro Kapital, a renowned global player in the microfinance sector.

Bitfinex Securities goes on to specify that the ALT2611 tokenized bond will assume the associated risks of debts and equities from microfinance organizations, small financial institutions, leasing companies, and banks across Italy, Romania, Moldova, and other emerging nations along the historic Silk Road. This ancient network of Eurasian trade routes historically connected Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Paolo Ardoino, the Chief Technology Officer of Bitfinex, regards the debut of the first tokenized bond on their securities platform as the inception of a revolutionary era for capital mobilization, facilitating transactions in deep, liquid markets and stock/fund markets.

The Bitfinex Securities platform is strategically designed to facilitate capital-raising efforts for issuers seeking to list their tokenized securities on a public exchange. This platform provides access to an array of financial instruments, prominently featuring blockchain-based bonds and stocks, as well as investment funds. Enterprises have the option to list their tokenized securities directly on the exchange or to streamline the trading of these securities through the capital-raising platform. Additionally, companies can embrace cryptocurrency-inspired technology to tokenize their products, including debt and equity securities, enabling transactions on exchanges and between digital wallets.

Securities, the backbone of financial markets, can be seamlessly traded and converted into various currencies across both public and private domains. These securities fall into three broad categories: debt, encompassing loans with scheduled repayments; hybrids, representing a blend of debt and equity features; and equity, bestowing ownership rights upon its holders.

Bitfinex has disclosed that the tokenized bond will debut at a price of 100 USDT, with a minimum investment threshold of 125,000 USDT. Distribution of these securities will commence within one week following the capital mobilization process, bearing a maturity period of three years from the date of issuance. The legal framework governing these securities is rooted in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

As per the official announcement, Mikro Kapital intends to issue 100,000 securitized tokens of ALT2611, aiming to raise a substantial 10 million USDT. It’s important to note that ALT2611 is not available for purchase or offer to U.S. citizens or individuals residing in the U.S. or any other jurisdiction where such actions would contravene the law.