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Top 10 NFT Marketplaces Revealed: OpenSea Leads the Pack with 229K Active Traders

Crypto Rank, a leading crypto market insights and analytics platform, has unveiled the top 10 NFT marketplaces based on the number of active traders over the past 30 days. Topping this list is OpenSea, an NFT marketplace renowned for its vast selection, boasting an impressive 229,000 active traders within the last month. The platform’s popularity reflects its position as a major player in the NFT space, having secured over $425 million in funding across five funding rounds.

Claiming the second spot is Axie Marketplace, which garnered a notable 32,900 traders, marking a 52.63% increase from the previous month. This marketplace is linked to Axie Infinity, a unique video game allowing players to acquire NFTs for in-game use. With a trading volume of $1.67 million, Axie Marketplace has solidified its standing as a hub for gaming-related NFT transactions.

Notably, Blur secured the third position among the top NFT marketplaces, attracting a total of 30,800 active traders over the past 30 days. Although this figure represents a 21.8% decrease from the previous month, Blur’s trading volume remains significant at $252.57 million.

Immutable X Marketplace and Element hold the fourth and fifth positions, respectively, with a remarkable similarity in the number of active traders. Immutable X Marketplace, boasting 27,200 traders, outperforms Element by a slim margin. Notably, Element has witnessed an impressive surge of 113.31% in its 30-day active traders, reaching 27,100.

In sixth place, AtomicHub registers 20,100 active traders, marking a 27.29% decrease compared to the previous month. Following AtomicHub is Magic Eden, which saw its active 30-day traders decrease by 79.33% to reach 14,730.

NBA Top Shot, a marketplace that offers collectible moments and art from the world’s premier basketball leagues, captures the eighth position. Impressively, it recorded a 35.36% increase in active traders from the previous month, now boasting 14,720 participants.

The bottom rankings on the list are secured by Lifeform and JPG Store. Lifeform reported 14,300 active traders, experiencing a notable decrease of 78.55% from the previous month. Meanwhile, JPG Store rounds off the top 10 with 13,900 active traders.

As the NFT market continues to evolve and thrive, these marketplaces stand as key players in facilitating the exchange of digital assets, collectibles, and unique digital creations. Their varying trends in trader engagement offer valuable insights into the ever-changing dynamics of the NFT landscape.


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