Tourism Authority Of Thailand(TAT) Sets To Deploy Its Own Utility Token


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is setting up plans to create a utility token (the TAT coin). Also, with plans to integrate it in the country’s financial network. However, this will require a permission from the due organizations.

TAT To Use Crypto And Attract Tourists

Bangkok post reveals that the Tourism Authority of Thailand wants to attract cryptocurrency owners to the country. For instance, through launching its own utility token and will have its name after the entity.

Furthermore, the TAT coin will allow transfer of vouchers and assist tour operators gain greater liquidity.

Governor of the TAT, Mr Yuthasak goes on to hail cryptocurrencies, saying its an asset class that is “changing the world.”

Consequentially, the state agency joins the crypto craze in an attempt to bring back the country’s economy. As the country suffers the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, Thailand is the most place with many tourists and this crypto move will attract more travelers.

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Preparation is already in motion, Governor of the TAT, Yuthasak notes. He goes on to add that tourists also will require exposure on digital assets.

“We have to prepare digital infrastructure and digital literacy for our tourism operators in order to…”
“…commence cryptourism as the traditional business model might not be able to keep up with the new changes.”

More Crypto Plans For Thailand

The agency plans also to collaborate with the local trading venue Bitkub. So, This will feature the TAT coin or another digital asset such as non-fungible tokens. Furthermore, this is to help the growing demand for cryptocurrency services.

Also, considerations are going on possible bitcoin debit card offerings at airports. This will come without any inclusive fee from the ATM or Money exchanges.



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