July 25, 2024
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Does U.S. Netflix plan to launch the NFT business?

U.S. Netflix plan to launch the NFT business: Netflix, a primary US video distribution service, announced on the 22nd that the platform would launch an NFT related business. On 20th, the organization announced the number of new subscribers is the market forecast.

Unlike the business forecast announced by the company itself, reviewers of research companies, etc. are more realistic. The company also predicts that the number of new subscribers this year will be 2.5 million, well below market expectations.

The market reacted to these negative factors, and the company’s stock price temporarily fell by 20%. According to the sources the company stated to their shareholder that it was experiencing financial difficulties due to ongoing pandemic. Including Latin America.

U.S. Netflix plan to launch the NFT business?

U.S. Netflix plan to launch the NFT business

He said that the cause was, the growth in the number of subscribers that recovered to the level seen before the pandemic was low. There is also a view that this reference to NFT is planning to create NFT-related businesses to overcome slow business performance and a decline in stock prices.

The company’s theme was “This Is a Robbery” in 2021 when 13 pieces were stolen at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990, including valuable works by masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer. The result is open to the public.

On the official website of the work, “We found a strong link between NFT and this is a Robbery’. U.S. Netflix was the first to enter the NFT market and was genuinely trusted with proper action. I believe that we can show up in the form of a U.S. Netflix.

“In addition, we searched for influencers who are mint NFT art on the blockchain from within the NFT community on the invitation-only SNS “Clubhouse” and appointed 13 digital artists. The 13 stolen works were reconstructed as digital art. In addition, 13 influencers have announced a partnership with U.S. Netflix.