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Ubisoft Drops NFT Content and Ghost Recon Breakpoint Support

Ubisoft has stopped developing Ghost Recon Breakpoint and will no longer be providing new content or NFT updates. Holders of newly issued NFTs were praised by the business, who said they had made history.

Ubisoft has stated that development support for their game Ghost Recon Breakpoint would be discontinued. Content updates and NFTs will likewise be discontinued by the company. When it was announced, Ubisoft and Ghost Recon Breakpoint grabbed headlines.

The game will not obtain new NFTs if development support is not provided. By claiming the NFTs, dubbed “Digits,” Ubisoft notified NFT holders that they had made history.

Ubisoft is one of the most well-known video game businesses in the world, and its announcement that it will be working with NFTs caused waves both inside and beyond the crypto community. It is far from the only game firm that has considered NFTs, but it is by far the most significant.

Officials from Ubisoft have previously stated that Ubisoft Quartz, the company’s NFT platform, is the first step in creating a metaverse. There is a focus on scalability and energy consumption, and it may be some time before the company’s vision is realized in its entirety.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft’s choice to cooperate with NFTs and blockchain technology has been panned by the gaming community. Gamers, as they have been in the past with monetization schemes like microtransactions and loot boxes, have been unified in their hostility to NFTs and the ‘blockchain-ization’ of games.

Ubisoft is committed to blockchain technology.

Despite the fact that Ubisoft has stopped supporting Ghost Recon, a game that was launched years ago, the company is still looking for new ways to use blockchain technology. The corporation has formed a four-year research and development plan and launched the Strategic Innovation Lab, which employs Tezos.

Ubisoft has also worked with Ultra, a blockchain business with an EOSIO-based network. It will contribute to the testnet of the latter, including “in-game asset production, ownership transfers between users, and payment methods,” among other things.

Meanwhile, Quartz will continue to be Ubisoft’s primary platform for experimenting with the technology. There have been no substantial developments as of yet, although there may be additional NFT-related announcements later this year.

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