Unocoin introduces a completely revamped and easy to use Android app


Unocoin, a cryptocurrency exchange, has released a fully redesigned Android app that focuses on trading and is simple to use. The new and enhanced software has a small AI-based user-friendly interface. It also provides customization possibilities based on one’s hobbies and preferences.

Unocoin Collaborates

Users will be able to decipher the trading processes of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with a better knowledge of their functioning. Especially due to easy-to-navigate parts. Unocoin collaborates with IntoTheBlock, blockchain-based research, to report on each coin and the behaviour of investors and dealers.

They made changes in Unocoin’s app to meet the trading needs of cryptocurrency users. These modifications are in line with the design philosophy and human visual principles. As they encourage the best colour combinations, icon sizes, icon layouts, and the user’s location.

The App Redefined

One may modify the software their desire by allowing users to choose between bright and dark mode themes. Because each function contains the right balance of language and keywords, it is extremely user-friendly. The easy navigation feature also allows visitors to get the most recent industry updates at the top of the page.

This helps Unocoin’s customers keep track of their assets, monitor their portfolio, and ensure that they don’t miss out on any important updates or offers. The wallet feature appears right on the welcome screen, and it shows a high-resolution graph of the user’s investment portfolio. Exchange is located next to Wallet and may be extended for additional information. Exchange displays the INR price changes over the last 24 hours

The CEO Speaks

In response to the most recent development, “Trading method needs an in-depth grasp of the market and several other aspects influencing returns,” stated Sathvik Vishwanath, Co-Founder and CEO of Unocoin. We are willing to make the entire procedure easy for end customers dealing in Bitcoin and other cryptos because the market is turbulent. As a result, based on our technological team’s comprehensive examination of the research, we’ve added a variety of features to the app, as well as ways to enhance bitcoin transactions.”

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