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Within the top Bitcoin hodlers with over $5 billion in BTC is the US government: Report

Unfolding the narrative further, the United States government assumes the role of one of the most prominent Bitcoin custodians on the global stage. Their digital wallet boasts an impressive treasury, encompassing over 200,000 BTC, a fortune exceeding $5 billion. Curiously, this considerable sum remains intact despite the government’s prior liquidation of a few thousand BTC, raking in millions.

Venturing into the depths of this financial labyrinth, a data analysis conducted by the cryptocurrency experts at shines a revealing light. According to their calculations, the U.S. government’s stash stands at an impressive 194,188 BTC, translating to an approximate value of $5.3 billion. It’s important to emphasize that these estimations represent the conservative end of the spectrum, relying solely on publicly available data.

As the story unfolds, we discover that the government’s Bitcoin treasury rests in the secure embrace of offline, encrypted storage devices—commonly referred to as hardware wallets. These digital coffers are tucked away under the watchful eyes of both the Justice Department and the Internal Revenue Service. Here, security is paramount, and the key to these virtual fortunes remains tightly guarded.

The plot thickens with the revelation of two significant seizures in the year 2022. It’s important to note that seized assets don’t instantaneously become government property. The U.S. Marshals Service, the primary custodian for such assets, only takes possession of the seized Bitcoin once a court issues a definitive forfeiture judgment.

Intriguingly, the U.S. government has adopted a unique approach in recent years when it comes to disposing of these seized digital assets. Rather than relying solely on traditional auctions, the government has turned to cryptocurrency exchanges to facilitate the sale of Bitcoin. This shift became apparent earlier this year, in March, when the government orchestrated the sale of 9,118 BTC. The transaction was officially documented through a public filing.

This multifaceted narrative underscores the United States government’s evolving role in the digital currency landscape, offering a captivating glimpse into the complexity and diversity of their cryptocurrency holdings.

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