Web3 Marketing Trends to Boost NFT Brands’ Online Presence

Do you remember reading advertisements in newspapers? That is one of the traditional ways of marketing. When the internet came into existence, companies started focusing on online marketing. As the popularity of social media channels increased, social media marketing became the trend.


Now, with the advent of blockchain technology, marketing is taking a new turn. Innovative companies need innovative marketing strategies to reach customers. This is the reason why NFT brands, Web3 games, and other decentralized projects are paving the way for new marketing trends.


While some Web3 projects and NFT brands have in-house marketing teams others hire full-fledged NFT marketing agencies for branding and promotions. Let us discuss some of the latest Web3 marketing trends.

Decentralization in Marketing

Decentralization is the main feature of blockchain-based projects and applications. So, traditional marketing methods will not apply to these new-age companies.


With the changing technologies, marketers also should adapt and innovate accordingly. For that, they need to understand this ecosystem first. If they have an idea about how these projects like decentralized autonomous organizations, decentralized finance platforms and marketplaces work, it would be possible to create marketing strategies according to them.


Trends like podcasts, live events, and video streaming, along with the methods like SEO, and content marketing are essential to market Web3 companies. To market Web3 games, video streaming would work to showcase how the game works, and attract video game enthusiasts.

Tokenized Marketing

Tokenomics is an essential part of any blockchain or Web3 project. Tokenizing real-world and digital assets became possible with the help of NFTs. It is not just a creative application of blockchain but also a marketing method to engage with the audience.


As a part of Web3 games marketing, projects can create branded tokens and distribute them through giveaways and airdrops to the customers. Brands can even announce that users can redeem the tokens for exclusive offers to buy their products and services. This not only incentivizes the users but also attracts them to engage with the project.


Especially Web3 games and blockchain-based metaverse projects can leverage tokenomics in marketing. Additionally, gamification of user engagement with these platforms, using native tokens, is a brilliant way to gain user retention and brand loyalty.

NFTs in Marketing

Non-fungible tokens raised in popularity over the years since CryptoKitties to today’s BAYC and MAYC NFT collections. Along with NFT brands, any other Web3 project can leverage non-fungible tokens in marketing.


Brands can create limited-edition NFT collections and launch them in different tiers based on their rarity and other features to rise interest in their communities. NFTs that have a utility like event tickets or passes to exclusive offers and services are also a good idea to attract customers.


Utilizing NFTs in Web3 marketing deepens user engagement and user retention along with brand loyalty. Partnering with other established Web3 projects also increases the credibility of a project.

Community-driven Marketing

Communities are the new hype in Web3. With the popularity of social media channels like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, creating groups in these channels and building communities has become popular. Communities give a sense of belonging to the users. And, by improving the engagement between them, these groups also increase the usage of Web3 platforms.


Apart from these tactics, brands can also collaborate with influencers and further attract potential customers. With the help of influencers, your brand’s message can reach a wide audience. Additionally, hosting live events, AMA sessions, webinars, and presentations are also good marketing strategies in Web3.


No matter whether you have an in-house marketing team or hire an NFT marketing agency, you need to adapt to the changing landscape of marketing. NFTs brands, Web3 games, metaverse projects, etc are all creating new marketing methods to reach their target audience and market their products.

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