July 24, 2024
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While holding MATIC and LINK, Whale buys 143 billion Shiba


The WhaleStats Twitter account, which follows the top 100 wallets on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and other networks, is spreading the word that some of the biggest whales are still buying Shiba Inu and Terra tokens (LUNA).

143 billion SHIB is snatched up by a whale.

The on-chain statistics provider WhaleStats recently tweeted that the owner of the “BlueWhale0073” wallet added a whopping 143,334,055,785 Shiba Inu to his crypto fortune roughly 17 hours ago. He spent $3,176,282 on this transaction.

The same crypto trader purchased 57,979,293,909 SHIB on Friday. At press time, however, this whale mostly holds USDT, MATIC, and LINK, having sold or transferred all of his SHIB to another wallet, as his balance currently shows no Shiba holdings.

This investor’s largest investment (72.18 percent of the portfolio) is USDT. That’s, with MATIC and LINK accounting for 10.46 percent and 10.82 percent, respectively.


Another whale, “Bonobo,” has purchased two LUNA lumps valued a total of $10 million — around 110,000 coins. FTX Token is the largest investment in his wallet, accounting for 71.65% of his $879.1 million portfolio.

SHIB is the largest holding in terms of USD value, and APE is the most traded token at the time of writing.

On a scale of the top 10 assets purchased by the 500 largest Ethereum whales. Of course, SHIB is ranked seventh, APE is fifth, and LUNA is fourth.

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