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Will The Fed Raise Rates Again? Powell Remains Fixated On 2% Inflation Target.

The expectation of another Federal Reserve policy rate hike gained traction on Friday, following a practical address by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell at the Jackson Hole Symposium. Powell underlined the Fed’s steadfast commitment to decreasing inflation to the targeted 2% in his speech, despite some analysts’ skepticism about accomplishing this goal.

Powell stated unequivocally, “Two percent is and will remain our inflation target.” However, he recognized that meeting this goal may necessitate enduring a “period of below-trend economic growth.” Contrary to the Fed’s projections, the economy may cool off slower than expected, he warned.

Notably, famed economist Paul Krugman weighed in on the debate earlier this week with a New York Times op-ed arguing that the Fed should aim for 3% inflation instead. According to Krugman, adhering to a 2% target may not be the best economic policy.

The reaction to Powell’s speech had a noticeable impact on market mood. The CME FedWatch program indicated a 19% increase in the likelihood of a rate hike at the upcoming September meeting. Furthermore, the possibility of another rate hike this year increased to 52.1%, a two-month high indicating investors’ rising expectations.

The timing for a projected rate reduction, frequently connected to increasing investment in crypto and equities, has been pushed back. Market participants expect a rate reduction in June 2024, highlighting the economic landscape’s complexity and the difficult balance the Fed seeks to strike between inflation and growth.

The financial markets are currently poised on the verge of reacting to any development or data that may influence the Federal Reserve’s decision-making. Powell’s remarks sparked a heated debate regarding the appropriate inflation target and the potential ramifications of rate increases. Market observers seek indicators to provide insight into the Fed’s future course of action as the global economy navigates the treacherous waters of post-pandemic recovery.


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