You Can Now Use Your .Com Domain as Your Ethereum Address With GoDaddy and ENS
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You Can Now Use Your .Com Domain as Your Ethereum Address With GoDaddy and ENS

  • GoDaddy and ENS now allow you to use your .com as your Ethereum address. 
  • Ethereum Name Service domains can now be tied to traditional web domains with no fees, adding more functionality in the process.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains are different from traditional Domain Name System (DNS) website domains. 

ENS domains can be assigned to an Ethereum wallet to ease the hassle of sending funds and assets, as they’re much easier to remember than a typical alphanumeric wallet address. 

But typical web browsers can’t do much with them.

The two are getting closer together, though, thanks to a new alliance between ENS and GoDaddy. 

The web domain registrar just linked up with ENS to make it possible to tie a DNS address (like .com or .net) to an ENS name (.eth), so that the DNS domain can be used with crypto apps, wallets, and more.

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“With this milestone, we are furthering our mission to build a more secure, decentralized, and user-friendly internet,” ENS founder Nick Johnson said in a release.

“ENS, much like DNS, is a public good and a core part of the internet infrastructure,” he continued. 

“By pairing up ENS names and GoDaddy domains, we will streamline the way users interact with web domains, blending the familiarity of the DNS with the potential of blockchain technology.”

According to a blog post, GoDaddy has added a new section to its domain management dashboard, letting users pair an owned ENS name with the owned DNS name. 

There are no additional fees to use the feature, and ENS says that your DNS domain name can then be used in place of the ENS address on supported exchanges and marketplaces, for example.

ENS says it was previously possible to import DNS names over to its Ethereum-based decentralized architecture, but that it was a costly process that could cost as much as 0.5 ETH—about $1,150 worth at present. 

But last week’s passage of the Gasless DNSSEC functionality enables the move without such exorbitant network fees.

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