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Ethereum layer 2 zkEVM “Scroll” verifies the start of the mainnet.

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Blockchain data from Etherscan suggests that Scroll’s mainnet went live more than a week ago.

Scroll, an emerging player in the zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) arena, dedicated to enhancing blockchain scalability, has officially confirmed the launch of its mainnet. The Scroll team made this announcement in a post dated October 17th, emphasizing that existing applications and developer toolkits on the Ethereum platform can seamlessly transition to this innovative scaling solution. “Everything operates straight out of the box,” affirms the Scroll team.

A zkEVM solution, such as Scroll’s, is poised to deliver reduced transaction costs and higher throughput for decentralized applications operating on the Ethereum network. Its operation involves the batching of thousands of off-chain transactions into a single unit, subsequently presenting a concise data summary as proof to the Ethereum mainnet.

Interestingly, blockchain data suggests that Scroll kept the existence of its live mainnet a secret since October 8th—the date marking the deployment of the first smart contract on the Scroll mainnet, as per Etherscan records. Scroll has disclosed that the mainnet’s launch followed an extensive 15-month testing phase and rigorous security audits conducted across three distinct testnets. “OpenZeppelin and Zellic have meticulously audited our bridge and rollup contracts,” proudly states Scroll. Furthermore, their zkEVM circuits have undergone comprehensive review by Trail of Bits, Zellic, and Kalos.

Throughout the three testnets, an impressive 450,000 smart contracts were deployed, facilitating more than 90 million transactions across 9 million blocks. Notably, the firm generated a remarkable 280,000 ZK-proofs.

Approximately a month ago, Scroll’s co-founder, Ye Zhang, disclosed to Cointelegraph that the platform would initially incorporate centralized features but has ambitious plans for gradual decentralization. Zhang explained, “We will initially feature a centralized sequencer and a central approver button.” However, he assures that there is a roadmap in place for the removal of this centralization. “We have a clear strategy to eliminate the single point of failure and incentivize the community to develop superior proving hardware.” Zhang also expressed the intention to present several proposals for community deliberation regarding Scroll’s future direction.

Founded in 2021 with a strong emphasis on community-driven principles, Scroll is not alone in its pursuit of zkEVM solutions aimed at enhancing Ethereum scalability. Competitors in this space include Polygon, zkSync, StarkWare, and Immutable. According to Jordi Baylina, the technical lead of Polygon Hermez zkEVM, this competition can only strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem, saying, “Diverse projects bring valuable experience and serve as a testing ground for various approaches and problem-solving methods.”

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