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Bitcoin To Rise Above $400000, Predicts Morgan Creek Digital co-founder

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Bitcoin has shown promise in the recent times. Max Keiser predicted Bitcoin to hit the $28,000 mark as it will continue to grow even after reaching the price of $20,000.

At the present, Bitcoin is fluctuating between $11,100 to $11,400 range. This comes after a turbulent day in the market and now it has been predicted that Bitcoin can go all the way to rise above $400000. The bold prediction was made by Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and prominent Bitcoin advocate Anthony Pompliano.

Pompliano believes that Bitcoin will hit $400000 mark en route to an $8 trillion dollar market cap. 

In an episode of What Bitcoin Didpodcast with Peter McCormack, Pompliano said that the undisputed king of cryptocurrency will rise above gold.

“Here’s what I continue to tell people, name to me a business that was analog and got digitized and the digital version is smaller than the analog version. It doesn’t happen. It’s because digitization brings all kinds of advantages. It’s a market-expanding technology.

There are people [who] would debate what the size of the gold market is but let’s just use easy numbers. Let’s say that it’s $8 trillion. That puts Bitcoin at, depending on how many are lost or stolen, $400,000 [to] $450,000 today. Do you think that Bitcoin is going to be the equivalent of the gold market? I don’t. It’s better. It’s going to capture more market.”

He further backed his claims by saying that Bitcoin is a product of technological evolution similar to internet-powered giants like Airbnb and Uber.

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