Bitcoin Market Cap Now Bigger Than Coca-Cola

Bitcoin (Source: Coin Desk)
Bitcoin (Source: Coin Desk)

After a bullish period in play, the Bitcoin Market Cap has now rose above some major public trade companies like Coca-Cola and Intel. The rise in the market cap is a result of bullish market period in July 2020.

In the month of July, the market saw a significant growth as it crossed a $200 billion threshold. As of now, the market cap pf the largest accounts in cryptocurrency reads at more than $207 billion, down from a $222 billion intraday-high recorded earlier today.

As a result, Bitcoin is worth more than Intel and Coca-Cola. The shares of Intel and Coca-Cola closed at a market cap of $203 billion and $202 billion respectively at the end of July. This follows after Intel saw a notable decline in market share.

Coca-Cola also suffered a major sell off in 2020. The drop eventually resulted in the company’s largest decline in quarterly revenue in at least 30 years.

On the contrary, Bitcoin is on a high. It has risen up more than $80 billion, or about 40%, in market cap since the beginning of the year.