Bitfinex To Reward $400 Million For Stolen Bitcoin

Bitfinex (Courtesy: Twitter)

Bitfinex, a recognised cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a reward of $400 million to anyone that would be able to give any information about the hackers that stole 120,000 BTC in August 2016 from the exchange. The firm has also mentioned that offer will be valid for the hackers too, in a bid to get their stolen asset back.

In a blog released by the firm, they said that they are offering up to $400 million to people that would connect the exchange with the hackers from the attack that took place in August 2016. The blog also mentioned that the main goal is to offer this reward and show users of the platform the company is ready to do everything they are able just to obtain the lost property.

At least 119,755 BTC was stolen from the wallet of the firm in August, 2016. After the situation, the firm had made large amends to keep their funds safe. In fact, a lot of firms took it as an example and made sure to keep their wallets safe.

Users that provide information about the hackers will receive 5% of the total property recovered while the hackers themselves will get 25% of the total property recovered. The hackers will have to send 1 satoshi to a specified address in order to confirm they are the owners of the wallet with these funds, the firm said.