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Ledger offers 10 Bitcoin Bounty to unearth Shopify employees who leaked data

Ledger offers 10 Bitcoin Bounty to unearth Spotify employees who leaked data

Hackers made sensitive data public from Ledger’s e-commerce and marketing databases last month. Earlier today, Ledger unveiled the hacker’s link to e-commerce giant Shopify. The firm declared additional private investigators’ hiring and announced a 10 BTC reward wallet for information leading to those responsible Shopify employees. This massive data dump incorporated personal details relating to about 272,000 consumers of the hardware wallet company. It involves shipping addresses, names, and phone numbers. 

Initially, Ledger stated that after an attacker had obtained unauthorized access to its databases employing a third party API key, data breaches took place. New information unveils that the attacker had links to Shopify. In a recent blog, Ledger recognized that Shopify’s involvement in the illegitimate access to its database. The crypto firm hired the popular e-commerce platform to handle sales-related operations. By illegal access, two rogue employees at Shopify illegally shipped consumer transactional records for the months in April and June 2020. Further, this data was leaked on web forums and employed for launching phishing attacks on thousands of consumers. 

Ledger files complaint against Shopify employees

Operating with forensic firm Orange Cyberdefense, Ledger has concluded that 292,000 consumers are prone to the breach. It is more than 20,000 who previously reported, have been affected. Ledger has registered a complaint on the Shopify employees with the French public prosecutor. Notwithstanding more data on the attack vector, sustained phishing attacks and ransom threats have bothered Ledger consumers.

The company established a bounty fund of 10 BTC to anyone that can offer information on those involved. The company is also operating with Chainalysis to follow cryptocurrency wallets utilized by phishing scammers. Whereas, Corsearch to close down existing phishing websites. Moreover, the company has been victorious in closing down 216 phishing sites. 

As a component of Ledger’s more current disclosure, the company has declared modifications to managing customer data in the future. It alleges that it is now committed to securing personal information for the shortest time possible. Moreover, the French hardware wallet manufacturer states that it will destroy sensitive data from order confirmation emails to circumvent future data leaks through e-commerce providers. The company also says that it will append a messaging protocol to Ledger Live, decreasing the dependency on email communication with consumers.

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