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Scammers offers Covid-19 vaccine on Dark Web for up to $1,000 in Bitcoin

Scammers offers Covid-19 vaccine on Dark Web for up to $1,000 in Bitcoin

Cybersecurity firm Check Point said that sellers on the dark web have been setting out a growing number of advertisements for Covid-19 vaccines, requesting bitcoin as payment and not giving the goods. The darknet is efficiently a hidden portion of the internet that needs special software to access. It is infamous for being a place to purchase drugs, firearms, and other illegal goods. As countries worldwide rush to roll out vaccination programs, opportunistic scammers online are seeming to take precedence.

Typically, vaccines need years of research and trial before reaching people. Nevertheless, the speedy spread of the COVID-19 pandemic caused a race amongst scientists globally striving to create effective vaccines in a short time. According to the New York Times, 65 recently examined clinical trials on humans, and 20 have already entered the final stages.

A few more have got support, and distribution has occurred as of December 2020. Nonetheless, such large quantities have caused impediments, and some people have commenced looking for options. This is where fraudsters employing the dark web come to work. Quoting a report from the cybersecurity company Check Point, CNBC said that the dark web had seen a massive inflow of vendors demanding their trade approved and working on COVID-19 vaccines. However, the prices seem comparatively expensive as a single dose of a vaccine could go for $250, $500, or even $1,000. The sellers are demanding the payments to be in bitcoin.

Problems with Covid-19 Vaccines available on Dark Web

The vaccines displayed on the dark web carry various prominent obstacles. Check Point’s investigation decided that the sellers had not produced the goods after receiving the payments. Company researchers put an order for one vaccine dose. The vendor soon communicated with them on the encrypted messaging application Telegram. Moreover, they administered a vaccine made in China for $750 in bitcoin.

The researchers continued with the payment and presented their delivery address. Although the seller deleted his account, and the package has not been reached yet. Other problems involve listings that oppose official medical guidance on the expected doses. Check Point contacted another seller who exhibited an undisclosed COVID-19 vaccine for approximately $300 worth of BTC however insisted that the patient include 14 doses instead of the recommended two doses.

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