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2024’s Must-Use Crypto Tools: Top 3 AI Platforms for Maximizing Your Investment Efficiency (FET, RCOF, NEAR)

In 2024, the crypto world will be sparked by AI tokens, with the rise of projects like (FET), RCO Finance (RCOF), and NEAR Protocol (NEAR). Investors seek the best projects to invest in and maximize their returns. 

FET and NEAR have been struggling recently, while RCOF attracts investors with amazing returns. Let’s explore these top 3 AI platforms more.


FET Continues Downturn: What’s Next?

In late March, peaked at an all-time high of $3.46. Since then, the price of FET has dropped over 50%, and it has fallen over 35% in the past month. It was trading around $1.58 in the third week of June. 

Experts say the market sentiment is bearish, with the Fear & Greed Index at 60, indicating a greedy market environment. However, Nvidia’s success in becoming the world’s most valuable company has boosted interest in AI-related tokens like and RCO Finance.

Technical analysis shows that is trading above its 200-day SMA and is expected to rebound shortly. Experts say if continues to trade above the 200-day SMA and breaks through its cycle high, it could test the $2 to $2.50 range.


RCO Finance: The Premier AI Web3 Project With Advanced AI Advisor

RCO Finance is one of the best AI tokens in the Web3 world. It offers an advanced AI-powered robo-advisor that assists investors in managing their portfolios. It combines AI and machine learning to provide a smooth and fully automated investment experience.

An AI-powered robo-advisor is a vital component of RCO Finance, designed to deliver personalized investment strategies. This intelligent advisor continuously monitors market trends to present investors with the best opportunity to buy assets.

Users can also trade a diverse range of assets- cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, bonds, etc–all from a single platform. The platform’s AI capabilities ensure every trade is optimized for maximum returns.

For instance, if you want to diversify your portfolio with ETFs, the robo-advisor can help you identify which ETFs are poised for growth based on current market conditions and historical performance. It can even automate the process of buying or selling ETFs.  

NEAR Protocol Grows Over 300%: What Lies Ahead?

NEAR has grown over 300% in the past year. In mid-June, it was trading around $5.25, a decrease of 30% in the past month. Though the hype of AI coins is increasing and tokens like RCOF are performing well in the presale, established coins like NEAR and FET are struggling.

Yet, on-chain data indicates increasing development activity on the NEAR network, suggesting a growing commitment to optimizing the blockchain. This activity is reflected in the rising contributions to NEAR’s GitHub repositories. The increasing development efforts are a positive sign for the token’s future performance.

In addition, the technical analysis for NEAR in 2024 shows it currently follows a horizontal channel pattern. If this trend continues, NEAR’s price could reach resistance levels of $6.17. However, if the trend reverses, it might fall to support levels around $4.53.


RCOF Offers Huge ROI of 3000%

RCOF token holders will earn passive income through staking. They also receive quarterly dividends directly linked to their investment level. Moreover, the token’s governance feature empowers holders to participate in key decision-making processes.

Moreover, the RCOF token is deflationary, which reduces its supply over time and helps increase the value of tokens in the long term. SolidProof also audited the smart contracts of RCO Finance, and no issues of vulnerabilities were found. 

The RCOF token sale is in Stage 1, costing $0.01275 per token. Only 98 million tokens are available at this stage, and over 28% have already been sold. Stage 2 sees the price rise to $0.0343, offering a 169% gain. 

If the token reaches the expected listing price range of $0.4 to $0.6, early investors from Stage 1 could see an ROI of up to 3000%.

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