July 24, 2024
Exclusive Article

An Interview With VAP Group

VAP Group is one of  pioneering blockchain consultancy dedicated to revolutionizing the WEB3 industry through our comprehensive 360-degree marketing offerings, In an exclusive interview with BitcoinWorld , We will explore what all services do VAP Group is providing in Blockchain Space.


  • Can you provide a brief overview of VAP Group and the company’s signature event – the Global Blockchain Show?

VAP Group is one of  pioneering blockchain consultancy dedicated to revolutionizing the WEB3 industry through our comprehensive 360-degree marketing offerings.  We aim to support every Web3 and blockchain project in building a successful business, team, and community through our exceptional services. Our services encompass event organization, media platforms, staffing, and marketing support, all aimed at fostering growth and innovation within the Web3 ecosystem. Our signature event, the Global Blockchain Show, is a premier gathering that has quickly established itself as a cornerstone in the blockchain and AI communities. Despite challenges such as the heaviest rainfall in the UAE in 75 years, the event drew a full house of enthusiastic attendees. It featured top-level speakers, including H.E. Justin Sun, Robby Yung, Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, Lennix Lai, Vivien Lin, and Abdulla Al Dhaheri. The Global Blockchain Show offers extensive networking opportunities, rapid-fire talks, and a dynamic expo integrated with the main stage, creating a festival-like atmosphere. This event is designed to provide exceptional insights and foster connections, driving the future of the digital asset economy.

  • What are the services you are planning to explore in the coming years?

In the coming years, I’m excited to explore a range of services that will complement VAP Group’s core business and support our flagship events – the Global AI Show and the Global Blockchain Show. Firstly, I plan to strategically integrate verticals that align with our core business objectives. This integration will ensure synergy between our existing services and the new ventures, enhancing overall effectiveness and value. Each vertical will bring specific expertise to the table, enriching our offerings and providing comprehensive solutions to our clients. Whether it’s blockchain technology, AI, strategic consulting, or media, I’ll leverage the specialized knowledge of each vertical to deliver exceptional results. Moreover, these new verticals will benefit greatly from and contribute to the success of the Global AI Show and the Global Blockchain Show which are taking place in Dubai on December 11 and 12. We are excited to announce the second edition of our events where we will be organizing panel discussions, key notes, workshops and much more, with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry.  In addition to these immediate plans, I have exciting future endeavors on the horizon. We have launched our new media outlets, Times of AI and Times of Blockchain this year. With the rapidly-evolving landscape of blockchain and AI, the introduction of these two publications aims to keep readers abreast with the latest developments in the industry.  These future plans underscore my dedication to pushing boundaries, driving innovation, and staying ahead of the curve in the dynamic landscape of technology, media and events.

  • What are the plans for the upcoming Global Blockchain Show? How do you see the event happening in December 2024?

I’m excited to kick off with the second edition Global Blockchain Show on December 11 and 12 in Dubai. Despite the UAE experiencing its heaviest rainfall in 75 years, the last edition of our global conference was open to a full house of enthusiastic attendees. We were honored to host top-level speakers at our inaugural edition, including H.E. Justin Sun, Robby Yung, Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, Vivien Lin, and Abdulla Al Dhaheri. These esteemed speakers have already expressed their interest in returning for our next event, reflecting our commitment to featuring top-quality decision-makers and thought leaders shaping the digital asset economy. Our upcoming event will once again be co-located with the Global AI Show, offering a unique opportunity to explore the integration of AI with blockchain technology. This collaboration will allow attendees to connect with ministries and experts at the forefront of these advancements. The event emphasizes extended networking opportunities, with two full days dedicated to business discussions in a relaxed environment. Attendees will enjoy a festival vibe, creating an informal and friendly networking atmosphere. Rapid-fire talks from industry leaders, interactive headliners, and a dynamic expo will keep the audience engaged and energized. With flexible agendas and a focus on after-hours business, this event is designed to maximize opportunities for connections and insights, wrapping up 2024 and kick-starting 2025. 

  • What are the major challenges you faced or are currently facing in the Blockchain Industry worldwide, and how does the Global Blockchain Show help find resolutions for these challenges?

The blockchain industry worldwide faces several significant challenges, including regulatory uncertainties, security concerns, and the rapid pace of technological advancements. At VAP Group, I address these challenges by providing timely and fast-paced tailored marketing solutions to crypto companies and offering comprehensive marketing and staffing services. Additionally, I support clients through PR and advertising, media and management, digital marketing, and organizing conferences and expos. My holistic approach ensures that blockchain projects are equipped with innovative strategies and the latest trends, helping them navigate the complexities of the industry effectively. We aim to address these challenges in the Global Blockchain Show by organizing key notes and panel discussions with experts and leaders in the blockchain industry. Topics are carefully curated to address the ongoing developments in the industry and find solutions to challenges worldwide.

  • Can you tell us what makes the Global Blockchain Show unique and one of its kind?

Attendees at the previous edition of the Global Blockchain Show had the unique chance to see the world’s first AI humanoid robot, Sophia, who served as the Official Ambassador of both the Global AI Show and the Global Blockchain Show. Seeing Sophia live, talking and expressing human-like emotions, was a highlight for many. Moreover, the Global Blockchain Show provided an invaluable platform for networking with global industry experts and leaders in the Web3 space, including H.E. Justin Sun, Founder of TRON and Member of the HTX Global Advisory Board; Lennix Lai, Chief Commercial Officer of OKX; and Dominic Williams, Founder & Chief Scientist at DFINITY Foundation. It also featured fantastic solutions and innovative products from forward-thinking companies, allowing attendees to explore the latest developments in the blockchain ecosystem, from decentralized finance platforms to non-fungible tokens and beyond. To ensure the continued success of the Global Blockchain Show, I am committed to listening to attendee feedback and continually improving the event experience. My goal is to create a dynamic and engaging platform that not only informs and inspires but also fosters meaningful connections and innovations in the blockchain space.

  • What would you consider as your greatest accomplishment in your experience so far with the Global Blockchain Show?

The Global Blockchain Show stands out for its remarkable resilience and ability to attract a significant audience even under challenging conditions. For instance, the last edition of the event which took place in Dubai experienced heavy rains and floods. However, despite the adverse weather, we still welcomed thousands of visitors. This impressive turnout highlighted the event’s importance and the dedication of our attendees. My proudest achievement is this exceptional level of participation, along with hosting some of the most prominent speakers and enthusiasts in the blockchain and AI industry, making the event a resounding success.

  • How do you ensure that your team remains innovative and adaptable in a rapidly evolving technological landscape?

To ensure my team remains innovative and adaptable in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, I emphasize continuous learning and development. I encourage and support ongoing education, providing access to online courses, industry conferences, and in-house training sessions with experts. Cultivating a curious mindset is also essential; I aim to create an environment where exploration of new ideas and experimentation with emerging technologies is encouraged. Collaboration is another key element. I foster a culture where teamwork and open communication are highly valued, enabling regular brainstorming sessions and cross-departmental projects. Implementing agile methodologies keeps the team flexible and responsive, allowing us to quickly adapt to changes, iterate on ideas, and continuously improve our processes. Encouraging risk-taking is important as well. Innovation often requires stepping out of one’s comfort zone, so I ensure my team feels safe to take calculated risks and learn from any failures. Equipping the team with the latest tools and technologies is also a priority, as staying at the forefront of technological advancements enhances our productivity and innovation. We also greatly value customer feedback.  I make it a priority to listen to our customers and incorporate their insights, whether it be during our events or through the comments section on our media websites such as CryptoNewsZ.  Understanding the customer’s needs and wants helps us develop innovative solutions that address real-world problems. 

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