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2024’s Must-Watch Cryptocurrencies – 3 Gems To Buy


  • Rebel Satoshi envisions a rebellious decentralized finance future.
  • Filecoin has the ingredients to continue being the go-to decentralized storage platform.
  • Arbitrum has some notable drawbacks despite being a decent Ethereum layer-2 network.

2024 represents a decade of Filecoin (FIL) as the top decentralized storage network. Meanwhile, some investors see potential in the Ethereum layer-2 solution, Arbitrum (ARB), this year.

Still, these are more complex projects than a beginner cryptocurrency like Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ). While being a meme coin that’s simple to understand, it offers the most explosive potential in 2024.


Rebel Satoshi Poised to Forge A Decentralized Future

The start of any new year comes with a revitalized sense of purpose. Rebel Satoshi is a meme coin set to shake up the old, elitist centralized forces in the modern monetary system. Modeled after the efforts of Satoshi Nakamoto and Guy Fawkes, Rebel Satoshi hopes to forge a digital finance revolution.

Given the recent unprecedented growth in meme tokens like Bonk, Rebel Satoshi should be able to reach $100 million in market cap as its primary goal. The key is availing a thriving, rewarding ecosystem, which also feeds into rebel-based meme culture. This is the role of Rebel Satoshi‘s utility token, $RBLZ.

Users can earn extra tokens (passive income) in the Revolutionary Staking Hub by simply staking $RBLZ. The latter is also necessary for the Rebel Artefacts NFT collection, where users access a treasure trove of 9,999 rare collectibles and digital art characters.

In February 2024, developers suggest Rebel Satoshi should officially launch and be available on multiple exchanges. Fortunately, buyers can own $RBLZ at the low price of $0.025 in the ongoing presale.

On the topic of decentralization, Filecoin is a considerable project that embodies this concept in the file storage market.


Filecoin Should Continue Being The Leading Decentralized Storage Network

Filecoin has a first-mover advantage in the decentralized storage market as it first existed in 2014 and currently boasts the highest market cap. Key changes Filecoin made last year include introducing an accessible FIL desktop mining application. On the opposite side was Bitmain launching a dedicated Filecoin mining machine, allowing miners to earn the most FIL.

Still, the most competitive addition in 2023 was the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) release, adding programmable aspects to Filecoin. The FVM has attracted more inflows and increased Filecoin’s revenue and storage utilization.

The main downside is the unresolved regulatory status of Filecoin, which the Securities and Exchange Commission flagged. But, all things considered, Filecoin is a good crypto to buy. FIL is currently worth $7.60, with forecasts indicating it could reach at least $15 by 2025.

Finally, let’s briefly review the prospects for Arbitrum.


Arbitrum Proves to Be A Decent Ethereum Layer-2 Solution

Arbitrum is a highly rated Ethereum layer-2 (L2) scaling solution. Users consider the platform slightly faster and cheaper than the likes of Polygon and Avalanche. Similarly, several of Arbitrum’s yearly on-chain metrics in 2023 were better than its competitors.

Given that Arbitrum came into existence in August 2021, it still has untapped potential. The same can be said for the ARB token, which only went live in March 2023. While it’s among the altcoins to watch, investors should expect selling pressure due to several planned ‘token unlocks‘ this year.

Aside from these tokenomics, Arbitrum faces the same challenge as other L2s, which is a reliance on Ethereum’s activity. Also, some fear that these platforms may become obsolete if Ethereum becomes faster and cheaper in the future.

Nonetheless, ARB is trading for $1.93, which could reach at least $2.20 by 2025 (according to predictions).

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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