July 23, 2024
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3AC Founder Su Zhu Says That Prison Is “Good For You” After Staying 4 Months

3AC Founder Su Zhu Says That Prison Is “Good For You” After Staying 4 Months
  • A podcast clip has surfaced where 3AC founder Su Zhu says that he thinks prison is definitely good for everyone.

Promotional clips of an unreleased podcast with Three Arrows Capital (3AC) founders Su Zhu and Kyle Davies have been shared online, wherein the duo spoke fondly of prison life, the dominance of incel rhetoric, and the ‘goofiness’ of Andrew Tate’s earlier videos.

Zhu went to prison for four months in Singapore for attempting to flee the country in violation of a court order. His short stay had a lasting impact, according to clips from the podcast. 

“I think that it’s an enjoyable experience overall,” Zhu said. “Like, I would say, not to the point of like, highly recommending it per se, but I would say that it’s something that if everyone got to experience once, I think it’s definitely good for you.”

The 3AC founder elaborated on his point, stating that medieval forms of fun are afforded to you in prison. 

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“All the things they allow you to do still in prison are the things that, like, in the ancient days, like, would still be considered entertainment, right?”

Zhu’s endorsement of incarceration sparked reactions online, with some telling him to spend longer behind bars or experience harsher prison conditions in other countries.

“You can read “all the books you want,” Zhu said. “You can do all the pushups you want.” 

Three meals a day are provided, including all the fruit one could need, he explained of his time in Singapore prison. 

“And then the sleep is amazing,” Zhu continued, “because they’ll turn the light off at 9:30pm and the light comes back on at 5:30. But because you have no internet time, you have no alcohol, no caffeine, whatever, you’re just gonna fall asleep immediately.”

“I actually had the best sleep of my life in prison,” Zhu claimed.

Zhu went on to describe how the mats inmates were provided in lieu of beds improved his spine health and allowed one to “feel, like, kinship with your ancestors.”

While conditions in Singapore prisons are nothing to write home about, it’s likely that Zhu experienced higher standards in his short stay than Do Kwon is still experiencing in Montenegro prison.

Other clips of the unreleased podcast show Zhu discussing how incel thinking has become dominant in mass media and the US presidential race. 

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A 17-second segment of the men reminiscing on the early videos of self-proclaimed misogynist and alleged human trafficker Andrew Tate was also included, in which Zhu says that Tate raised “very philosophical” questions about whether it’s “more gay” to sleep with a man with female genitalia or a woman with male genitalia.

“Yeah, super deep,” the men concluded about Tate’s early work.