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5 Meme Coins To Watch if You Missed BONK’s Rise



  • The rise of meme-based digital coin Bonk on the Solana blockchain in 2023 has captivated investors’ attention.


  • With 2024 unfolding, NuggetRush, Pepe, Floki, Dogecoin, and Meme Kombat are potential alternatives for those who missed out on Bonk’s rise.


  • NuggetRush distinguishes itself by integrating gold mining, cryptocurrency, and gaming into a play-to-earn platform. 


The cryptocurrency market has been in a frenzy of activity, with key events impacting traditional and meme-based digital coins. Last year, Bonk (BONK), the Solana-based memecoin, was the center of attention in the market. It was one of the most significant events in 2023, experiencing explosive growth. With 2024 unfolding, these are five meme coins you can watch out for if you missed out on Bonk’s rise: NuggetRush (NUGX), Pepe (PEPE), Floki (FLOKI), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Meme Kombat (MK).


These cryptos have been trending in the market with a bullish outlook from experts. Analysts suggest that investors seeking to double their portfolio this year should start to invest in these crypto projects, particularly NuggetRush. NuggetRush is a unique play-to-earn game that aims to transform the gaming industry with its trending NFT staking and integrate real-world rewards into its ecosystem.


Let’s explore these five cryptocurrencies as an alternative for those who missed Bonk’s rise.


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NuggetRush (NUGX): Taking the Spotlight by Integrating Gold Mining and Cryptocurrency in a Play-to-Earn Game


NuggetRush is one of the meme coins to watch out for this year, which combines gold mining, cryptocurrency, and real-world artisanal mining in a play-to-earn gaming experience. Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, this new DeFi crypto project ensures widespread accessibility for users. It merges the excitement of exploration and strategic decision-making with the potential for tangible rewards, featuring a cast that doubles as both game characters and collectible memes.


GameFi has disrupted the process of converting gaming achievements into tangible real-world assets on this new DeFi crypto platform. Players can earn rewards through tournaments, quests, battles, ranked play, and various other activities, regardless of skill level or geographic location. The NUGX game strives to be among the top meme coins to watch out for in the market and establish an autonomous, revenue-generating community. 


Through partnerships with gold providers, RUSHGEM winnings can be shipped directly to a miner’s specified location, adding a distinctive and prestigious dimension to the game. This feature enhances the value and memorability of the rewards. The trending NFT staking platform involves NFT holders locking their assets within the system, akin to a traditional staking process, to earn rewards determined by the annual percentage yield (APY) and the amount of NFTs staked. Owners are unable to trade their NFTs while they are staked.


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Floki (FLOKI): Prominent Analyst Inmortal Forecasts FLOKI As The Next Big Thing

Floki is another meme coin with the potential for a massive boom. It was created by Shiba Inu (SHIB) enthusiasts and is inspired by and named after Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu. This places it among the most promising dog coins. In a recent tweet, prominent analyst Inmortal confidently forecasts that FLOKI will be the next great thing in the realm of meme coins during the next bull market. 


He compares this forecast to the journey of Dogecoin, a prominent cryptocurrency. The analyst believes Floki will follow a similar pattern, with a rise in popularity pushing its price to new highs. FLOKI is a meme coin to keep an eye on this year as it looks to build on its success from last year. With 2024 projected to be a bullish year, it will surge with the leading memecoins, making it one of the top altcoins to buy.


Pepe (PEPE): The Resurgence Is Fueled By BigToken Burn

If you are a meme coin fan, Pepe is a cryptocurrency to consider adding to your portfolio. Pepe, launched in April 2023, rapidly set itself apart among meme coins, surging to the top of the cryptocurrency market. Despite a long-term downward trend that prompted investors to question its viability, PEPE’s market cap surpassed $500 million. 


This Pepe resurgence was fueled by strategic initiatives, including a big token burn by the development team and the introduction of Pepe-themed products, reaffirming the project’s strong community support. The token’s deflationary mechanism and redistribution method strengthen its attractiveness, making it one of the altcoins to watch in the meme coin industry.


Meme Kombat (MK): Providing Players Opportunity To Earn By Betting On AI-generated Fights

The Meme Kombat is another project to look out for in the market. It is a captivating combination of a meme coin and a GambleFi utility token, catering to two diverse populations. It is currently under presale, and its success is unsurprising given the project’s support from several major analysts and media sites. MK has also been covered by major media outlets such as Crypto Potato, BeInCrypto, Cointelegraph, Crypto News, and many more.


The Meme Kombat project offers users an exciting opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by betting on AI-generated fights between meme coin characters. MK has an augmented battle arena where players can watch matches up close while participating in various game modes such as single-player, multiplayer, and side betting, allowing them to wager on dynamic fight events.


Dogecoin (DOGE): The Number Of New Addresses Increased Based On Data From IntoTheBlock

No other meme coin has as widespread an appeal as Dogecoin. It may trend higher in 2024 thanks to Elon Musk, one of the world’s wealthiest individuals and the owner of X. DOGE, which has a long history since its inception in 2013. It has a market capitalization of $11.9 billion but plenty of space for expansion because it is still far from its all-time high in 2021.


According to current IntoTheBlock data, Dogecoin is one of the most active networks and the top meme coin to watch this year. Ali Martinez stated that DOGE experienced a “remarkable surge in growth” with new addresses during the past week. According to the data, the number of new DOGE addresses increased by nearly 1,100%.


Bonk (BONK): Recent Data Shows Bullish Momentum

Bonk is an intriguing Solana-based meme coin launched in December 2022 and has since achieved remarkable market success. Its fantastic performance at the end of last year piqued the crypto community’s interest. BONK has been on a rollercoaster ride, with record gains, high-profile listings, and recent corrections. 


Bonk’s price skyrocketed with the introduction of single-sided staking on December 1, which drew attention to the meme coin. A significant boost came when Coinbase listed BONK, culminating in a 50% one-day gain on December 14. Following its meteoric climb in December, BONK suffered a considerable correction, recently losing more than 70% of its value. Recent data indicates a favorable shift, with Bonk surging in value.




The cryptocurrency market in 2024 will be vibrant and dynamic, with these five meme coins emerging as an alternative for those who missed Bonk’s rise. NuggetRush, with its successful presale and gaming platform, stands out as the best crypto investment platform. To start your journey with NuggetRush, visit the website and follow the details on how to purchase the token in bulk. Join today and embark on an exhilarating journey into gold mining, cryptocurrency, and gaming! 


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