5 Top Performing Meme Coins At The Start Of The Week
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5 Top Performing Meme Coins At The Start Of The Week

Discover the top 5 performing meme coins of the week amid a slow crypto market – Hoppy, Ben the Dog, Catwifhat, Byte, and Andy on SOL.

5 Top Performing Meme Coins

The global cryptocurrency market has been going through a slow phase, with the total market value at $2.54 trillion. 

In spite of the slow pace, meme coins have established a niche, with a combined market capitalization of $58.4 billion. 

This amount shows a significant rise of $2.1 billion, despite a decrease of 11% in the 24-hour trading volume for all meme coins. 

Against this background, a few meme coins have surpassed others in performance at the beginning of this week. Here, we explore the top five meme coins that have attracted the market’s focus.

1. Hoppy (HOPPY)

Hoppy has become a major player in the meme coin market, currently priced at $0.00002141. Even though the token experienced a turbulent week with a 39.31% decrease in the past week, it has bounced back strongly with a 48.93% increase in the last 24 hours. 

Based on Ethereum, the market cap of  HOPPY’s recovery has increased to $9 million with a 24-hour trading volume of $2.87 million. It has witnessed a significant presence in the market with a circulating supply of 130,262,017,400 coins.

2. Ben the Dog (BENDOG)

Ben the Dog has been a standout performer among memecoins, particularly in the past week. With a price of $0.0527, BENDOG has seen a remarkable 225.96% increase over the last seven days, despite a minor 1.66% dip in the past hour.  

Based on Solana, the 24-hour performance remains strong with a 39.42% increase. The market cap for BENDOG is an impressive $52.69 million, backed by a nearly equivalent 24-hour trading volume of $52.48 million. 

The coin’s circulating supply is 977,902,058, making it a formidable player in the meme coin sector.

3. Catwifhat (CWIF)

Catwifhat, priced at $0.000001748, has also shown significant activity. Although the token’s value dropped by 10.25% over the past week, CWI experienced a surge of 37.15% in the past day. 

CWIF boasts a market cap of $61.3 million, with a 24-hour trading volume of $12 million. The coin’s circulating supply is quite vast, totaling 6,866,414,470,770 CWIF, indicating a wide distribution among investors.

4. Byte (BYTE)

Byte has also been a notable performer among memecoins, with a price of $0.000009824 at the moment. The cryptocurrency has experienced a significant 29.63% jump in value in the last day and a remarkable 75.42% surge in the last week. 

Byte’s market cap is currently valued at $9,474,761, with a decreased 24-hour trading volume of $448,584, indicating a calmer trading atmosphere. 

The increasing popularity of  BYTE is evident in its circulating supply of 47,056,761,962 coins.

5. Andy on SOL (ANDY)

Completing the list of top five meme coins as we begin the week is Andy on SOL, currently trading at $0.008857. 

Even though ANDY experienced a small decrease of 0.76% in the previous hour, it has surged by 26.65% in the last 24 hours and has displayed a 16.09% growth over the week. 

The market capitalization stands at $8,380,913, with a trading volume of $7,119,995 over the past 24 hours. The ample presence of ANDY in the meme coin market is demonstrated by its circulating supply of 796,633,538 coins.


While the overall cryptocurrency market remains slow, memecoins continue to attract attention and investments. 

Hoppy, Ben the Dog, Catwifhat, Byte, and Andy on SOL have distinguished themselves with their impressive performances, demonstrating the dynamic nature of the meme coin segment. 

Investors are closely monitoring these coins, expecting them to provide substantial returns despite the overall market fluctuations.

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