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According to a UN report, North Korea uses stolen cryptocurrency to fund its missile program

According to a classified UN study, North Korea has been using bitcoin stolen from exchanges to fund its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. According to the research, between 2020 and 2021, the country stole at least $50 million.

The UN has prepared a confidential dossier, which Reuters has seen, claiming that North Korea has been using stolen bitcoin to fund its missile program. UN officials revealed in a press conference that the isolationist country stole millions of dollars in bitcoin in 2020 and 2021, totaling at least $50 million.

According to the confidential study, the Korea has carried out multiple hacks and that cybercrime is a significant source of cash for the nuclear missile program. The majority of the targets of the attack are exchanges in Asia, Europe. Then, and North America, with at least three allegedly targeted.

For several weeks, the country has been in the spotlight. That’s, due to a series of missile tests that have alarmed Western governments. In light of the country’s economic troubles and periodic food shortages. That’s, the topic of how these initiatives were supported has arisen.

North Korea has also been accused of stealing cryptocurrency, according to Chainalysis, a blockchain intelligence and security organization.

So, North Korea has committed out at least seven attacks against cryptocurrency platforms in 2021. Of course, resulting in the theft of about $400 million, according to the firm.

North Korea is reportedly said to have stolen at least $1.7 billion from South Korean exchanges. That’s, according to South Korean media.

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