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Tim Draper uses a voice created by AI to alert people about cryptocurrency scams.

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In the era of ever-advancing artificial intelligence, we find ourselves at a juncture where the creation of deepfake videos and voice recordings, orchestrated by malicious actors seeking to illicitly gain access to others’ cryptocurrency holdings, has become a disconcerting reality.

Prominent American venture capitalist, Tim Draper, recently took to social media to sound the alarm regarding scammers who are employing an artificial intelligence (AI) voice generator to deceive cryptocurrency users. Draper, with a substantial following of approximately 254,000 individuals on X (formerly known as Twitter), implored his audience to remain vigilant against the machinations of these “thieves” who exploit AI technology to mimic his own voice. According to Draper, this is a testament to the growing sophistication of AI, as he has been made aware of instances where his followers were duped into sending their precious cryptocurrencies.

Recent leaps in AI technology have empowered ordinary individuals to listen to their beloved celebrities’ voices or witness politicians uttering any words of their choosing, all thanks to certain programs. Following the unfortunate demise of FTX in November 2022, malevolent actors exploited AI to create a deepfake video featuring the former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, offering compensation to affected users. A parallel incident unfolded when a deepfake of Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, surfaced in May 2022.

Tim Draper, who once boldly predicted that the price of Bitcoin (BTC), which stood at $29,390, would ascend to $250,000 by the year 2023, is not just an observer of the cryptocurrency realm; he is a seasoned investor who has weathered significant losses, having seen around 40,000 BTC vanish when Mt. Gox crumbled in 2011. Nonetheless, he has unwaveringly championed the cryptocurrency space and digital assets, remaining a staunch advocate despite the setbacks.

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