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An Interview With Arman Harutyunyan, Founder Of

EPLO is a platform where top cryptocurrency exchanges are matched with highly qualified projects from around the world. Projects get the best listing offer possible from their desired exchanges while networking with EPLO token holders and with other amazing projects to explore partnerships to grow together. In an exclusive interview with BitcoinWorld, Arman Harutyunyan, Founder Of, would shed the light on how eplo helps the project connect with exchanges.


Can you provide an explanation of EPLO and its corresponding acronym?

EPLO is a Web3 Solution for Seamless Project-Exchange Connectivity.


Can you describe your process for assisting projects in achieving listings on top exchanges?

EPLO provides an unparalleled opportunity for projects to showcase their initiatives to a wide audience. Our verification process, conducted by both our team and EPLO token holders, ensures the authenticity and viability of submitted projects. Upon successful verification, projects receive maximum exposure through our thriving community, thereby increasing their chances of attracting lucrative listing, IEO, and IDO offers from leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

As an exchange, you have the unique opportunity to gain access to a curated pool of high-quality projects that have undergone rigorous verification by our experienced team and the EPLO community.


Can you elaborate on your revenue model?

Our revenues are generated through the commission received from listing fees on cryptocurrency exchanges.


With which exchanges do you currently have partnerships?

We have partnerships with over 20 top-tier exchanges including KuCoin,, Huobi, Bitget, BitMart, MEXC, and many more.


What is the due diligence process you undertake when partnering with a project?

Due diligence is a crucial step when evaluating a cryptocurrency project to partner with. It involves thoroughly researching and analyzing various aspects of the project to assess its potential for success. Here are 9 factors that EPLO uses when evaluating the project: Team, Technology, Roadmap, Adoption, Competitors, Tokenomics, Legal and regulatory compliance, financials, and community.


Is there a commission fee charged to projects for listings?

There is no commission fee charged from the project for listing on exchanges. In addition to listing at exchanges, projects can get a free boost at our thriving EPLO community, cooperate with projects that are in our ecosystem, and potentially attract new investments.


Can you provide a total of the number of projects you have collaborated with in the past?

EPLO has the vision to become a central point in the crypto space where projects can directly interact with the exchanges through our platform.


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