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An Interview With Asva LABS Founder Mallikarjuna Naidu

A short introduction about Asva Labs

Asva Labs is a technology company and innovation lab that fuels the metaverse economy through its next generation of ecosystem products and services uniquely designed leveraging web3 technologies of blockchain like DAO and NFTs. In Laymen’s terms, We are a Metaverse Innovation Lab. At asva labs, we aim to build MetaFi applications that revolutionize the productivity of virtual ownership assets.

The Asva ecosystem is consist of a Launchpad, Metaverse Marketplace, and Games guild.

The MetaLaunch- a multi-chain launchpad and an incubator that supports promising projects raising capital.

The Metaverse Marketplace – a metaverse-centric virtual asset marketplace to trade, launch, and rent metaverse assets.

Asva Gaming Guild – An advanced gaming guild build from scratch to power the Play-and-Earn model in the gaming community.

Meta Launch progress so far.

Launched in Late or we can say at almost the end of 2021, MetaLaunch has already built its reputation as a go-to launchpad for groundbreaking Metaverse and gaming projects. Needless to say, MetaLaunch is already making huge strides in the crypto-verse.

MetaLaunch is a one-stop solution for all things metaverse. The platform offers a plethora of services for projects applicable throughout the project life-cycle starting from incubation to go-to-market, services comprise:

Incubation: MetaLaunch helps innovators and entrepreneurs to grow their startups, right from an early-stage idea to an enterprise that can stand on its own.

Initial metaverse offering: A Metaverse-themed launch initiative called Initial Metaverse Offering (IMO) to support all the upcoming Metaverse projects.

Next-tier metaverse projects: Our Launchpad features high-quality projects with the potential to disrupt Web3.0 handpicked by our team of experts after vigorous vetting.

Growth frameworks: We provide acceleration to projects including marketing support, influencer, KOLs networking, and advisory assistance so their visionary ideas can be transformed into successful businesses.

MetaLaunch has been home to 18 IMO/IGO with over 18000+ verified Users, resulting in a total capital raise of more than 560,000+ dollars. Our ecosystem now includes more than 130 VCs partners, 20+ Launchpad partners, 100+ Ambassadors, and 300+ key opinion leaders. Likewise, the ecosystem is home to more than 100 new members who joined through MetaLaunch Army Program. We are also providing post-launch support to the projects by helping them to launch their IEO in Tier 1 exchanges.

Over the period, MetaLaunch has seen a significant increase in new projects launching their token sales on our platform. It looks like the IGO calendar will be even more promising in the coming weeks.

How have you planned the vetting process for the IMOs? I mean who would define whether the initial model is good enough? Have you planned a governance token? If so, will it be rare and permitted or how will it be available? If you can speak something about it?

Thanks for asking this, As a launchpad, we always strive to connect the most reliable projects with investors, in the process to safeguard our investors, we have successfully built a MetaLaunch council to conduct due diligence for every project launching on our platform. 

The MetaLaunch council is a group of highly competent councilors including industry experts who will be evaluating, supervising, and selecting promising projects in the Metaverse and Gaming Sector for the MetaLaunch ecosystem. MetaLaunch will conduct in-depth due diligence into the project development phase and roadmap by thoroughly evaluating the product, business model, team, community, investors, and partners to accelerate investors’ DYOR process.

The thorough details of our entire due-diligence process are outlined in this blog here, please give it a read:

To answer another part of your question, yes we do have our governance token, $ASVA, which serves both utility and governance roles for the Asva ecosystem. The maximum supply of ASVA tokens is 90,000,000. Among these, the initial circulating supply would be 2,313,900 ASVA. It constitutes the tokens unlocked from the seed, private round A, private round B, public sales, and liquidity.

To learn more about how the vesting schedule has been laid out for each set of stakeholders and provisions, visit.

ASVA token is currently listed on MEXC and pancakeswap and is available for purchase and trading.

How did this idea come into mind that a pre-vetted model must be there to help build the metaverse economy?

We have been working on this idea for Asva Labs for quite some time now (first in a form of the next-generation DeFi protocol) since my background is in the growth and marketing field. We have observed what works and what doesn’t work after working with various crypto projects. We started to notice some missing points in the industry that had to be critically addressed if it were to go mainstream. We saw what’s missing in the blockchain’s emerging chapters be it DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and Metaverse. The Metaverse is still a niche industry,  

the lack of DeFi use cases and fundraising expansion frameworks in the cryptoverse arena leaves the space blurry.

That was how the idea for Asva Labs kicked in, to bring together the missing pieces of the Metaverse economy. As a result, we brought together a talented team that could complement its ambitious vision; a group of professionals from diverse sectors bonded by a love for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Do you think the Metaverse will turn out to be the next big thing 5 years down the line?

Yes, undoubtedly! Metaverse technology is a core component of Web 3.0, yet both Web 3.0 and the metaverse describe the internet of the future. The Metaverse today is similar to the internet in its early days. Some data says that by 2030, we could be spending more time in the metaverse than in the real world. The metaverse is likely to include both the physical and digital/virtual worlds in the user’s experience and is expected to have a native economy, including digitally native assets and trade. Asva Labs is already building products for the future economy. All the major brands will have their stores in Metaverse, people will have properties in Metaverse, and entertainment, business, finance everything will be integrated and thriving in the virtual world.

How have you planned for the future road map?

We’ve been constantly building and evolving to keep up with our industry. We’ve slightly changed some of our targets to introduce some exciting auditions. This quarter we were focused on: Asva Games Guild, MetaLaunch revamps, and Asva Metaverse Marketplace. We will be continuing the goals we set for Q2 in the next quarter. 

In the near future, users can expect more CEX listings for our native ASVA token, Updates to the Dashboard UI to make it more user-friendly, website revamps, and ecosystem expansion with ​​more prominent partnerships. We will also aim to develop more utilities for our token holders. In the future, our focus will be to support the growth of Metaverse and gaming economies.

Closing Thoughts

As startups in the crypto space find it hard to connect with the right audience and sustain themselves, through ASVA LABS, that hiatus is getting fulfilled and crypto startups across all spheres can exploit the opportunity of operating from a single standpoint where they can get access to VCs, funding and stakeholders from a single platform. Apparently, that’s what ASVA LABS wants to achieve for the crypto world.

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