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An Interview With RACE ECOSYSTEM

RACE is the first full-stack modular blockchain infrastructure platform designed specifically for tokenization and real-world assets (RWAs) digitization with provenance, In an exclusive interview with BitcoinWorld, We will figure out how RACE Ecosystem is helping in Tokenization of Real World Assets. 


Can you explain what RACE is and how it utilizes blockchain technology to transform the high-value asset market?

RACE is the first full-stack modular blockchain infrastructure platform designed specifically for tokenization and real-world assets (RWAs) digitization with provenance. Leveraging blockchain technology, RACE will allow investors to tokenize assets such as aircraft, real estate, private credit, art, jewelry, and gold, making them accessible to global liquidity. By digitizing these traditionally illiquid assets, RACE enhances transparency, security, and accessibility in the investment landscape, thereby transforming the way high-value assets are traded and managed.

As the Lead Financial Engineer, what are your primary responsibilities at RACE? How do you integrate your traditional finance background with the innovative needs of a blockchain marketplace?

I oversee the strategy and execution aspects of RACE’s operations, including tokenomics, governance models, assessing blockchain-related risks, and ensuring the highest available web3 compliance standards are met. I integrate my traditional finance background by bringing expertise in financial modeling, risk management, and Web3 risk compliance to bear on the particular needs of a blockchain marketplace that will meet traditional Web3 quality standards.

RACE has established a Decentralized Investment Committee. Can you discuss how the DIC operates and its role in ensuring compliance and trust in tokenization processes?

The Decentralized Investment Committee at RACE, which is made up of experts from a diverse range of fields, provides a crucial oversight function. Its primary role is to ensure each asset to be tokenized meets RACE’s rigorous compliance standards, which in turn fosters trust across the whole ecosystem. Comprised of professionals with expertise in legal, financial, and regulatory domains, the DIC conducts thorough due diligence on these potential investment opportunities, assessing viability, compliance, and value before proceeding with tokenization. By vetting each opportunity meticulously, the DIC safeguards the integrity of the platform and promotes transparency throughout the tokenization journey. The committee will imbue its final decision inside the token/smart contract before it is being issued by the project proposer giving the token an unparalleled digital provenance compared to traditional tokenization methods.

How does fractional ownership work within your platform, and what are the benefits for investors, especially those new to crypto?

Fractional ownership on our platform enables investors to own a portion of high-value assets, even with limited capital. Through tokenization, investors can purchase fractional shares of assets such as real estate or fine art, diversifying their portfolios without hefty upfront costs. This democratization of access to valuable assets is particularly appealing to newcomers to the crypto space, offering them a user-friendly entry point into previously inaccessible investment opportunities. Investors will also greatly benefit from the cross-border nature of RWA tokenization, enabling them to tap into investment opportunities that they previously may have been unable to due to geographical limitations.

What are some of the major challenges you face when tokenizing high-value assets, and how does RACE address these challenges?

Tokenizing high-value assets presents various challenges, including regulatory complexities, technical hurdles, and the hesitancy of HNWIs to enter the world of crypto. Crypto, in fact, can be daunting for those from traditional finance backgrounds, just as understanding the complexities of the real world can be challenging for those native to crypto. RACE addresses these challenges by ensuring compliance and by developing robust security measures to safeguard assets and imbuing all of this process in the birth of the tokenized product. We prioritize interoperability,  aiming to enable seamless integration between blockchain and traditional financial systems, thus enhancing accessibility.

You recently partnered with DFNS and Bridge. Can you elaborate on how these partnerships enhance the user experience and access to on-chain assets?

Our recent partnerships with DFNS and Bridge significantly enhance RACE’s ability to offer a seamless experience to users on the platform, unlocking easy access to on-chain assets regardless of the user’s knowledge or familiarity with crypto. DFNS delivers efficient digital wallet infrastructure, simplifying the management of digital assets by providing ‘keyless’ password-based wallets. While Bridge’s issuance API facilitates the conversion of fiat money into stablecoins, reducing on-ramping fees on RACE by up to 80%. These partnerships are crucial in lowering financial and technical entry barriers for newcomers, ultimately improving the user experience and accessibility of our platform.

From your perspective, how is blockchain technology influencing traditional finance, especially concerning investment opportunities and asset liquidity?

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing traditional finance by democratizing access to investment opportunities and increasing asset liquidity. It enables fractional ownership, cross-border transactions, and 24/7 trading, creating new opportunities for investors and improving asset liquidity.

What are the next steps for RACE in terms of technology advancements or market expansion? Are there any upcoming features or tools that users should look forward to?

Our next steps include launching our mainnet, expanding our offerings to include more asset classes, and introducing tools for asset management and asset discovery. Users can look forward to a richer set of investment options and greater flexibility in managing their investments. We’re also exploring partnerships that we’ll hope to announce in the coming months, to further advance our goals.

What advice would you give to traditional investors who are considering entering the cryptocurrency space through platforms like RACE?

Start with thorough research and education. Understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets, assess your risk tolerance, and consider diversifying your portfolio with a portion allocated to digital assets. Chains like RACE offer an array of resources and support to navigate the complexities of the crypto space and make informed decisions. There are so many great opportunities available, such as portfolio diversification and secure investment in high-value assets, which platforms like RACE can seamlessly facilitate your access to.

How do you see RACE impacting the global asset markets in the long term?

In the long term, RACE has the potential to significantly impact global asset markets by democratizing access to high-value assets and increasing liquidity. RACE opens up new opportunities for investors worldwide, including those who were previously excluded from traditional financial markets in underdeveloped countries. This increased accessibility and liquidity have the potential to reshape the global asset landscape, providing a welcome boost to international investment and economic development thus increasing potential GDP globally.

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