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Aptos and Stacks Suffer Big Dips; Is the Potential 25x on Milei Moneda Enough To Make Back Losses?


  • Milei Moneda’s ($MEDA) presale secures a spot on investors’ top ICO list of 2024. 
  • Aptos (APT) comes second in the worst-performing altcoins of the week.
  • Stacks (STX) plummeted by 21% in a week.

The cryptocurrency market has been a rollercoaster ride lately, with Aptos and Stacks experiencing significant price dips. Investors wonder if there’s a glimmer of hope elsewhere to make up for these losses. Enter Milei Moneda, a rising star in the crypto space, offering the potential for a 25x return. But is it enough to offset the losses incurred from Aptos and Stacks? Read on to find out now!

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Aptos’ Unlocked Tokens Drive Bearish Sentiment 

Aptos found itself among the worst-performing altcoins in the broader crypto market this week, narrowly surpassing only Uniswap’s native token, UNI. Since reaching its March peak, APT has experienced a significant 61% downturn, driving it to recent lows.

This price trajectory mirrors last year’s, forming a double-top pattern on APT’s weekly and daily charts. Crypto analysts speculate that if APT fails to secure support at its current price level, its subsequent decline could prove terminal.

Adding to their bearish sentiment is Aptos’ recent unlocking of approximately 25 million previously locked-up APT tokens. Historical data suggests that such unlocks often trigger price declines as they introduce more circulating tokens, leading to supply increases that typically outstrip investor demand for an asset.


Stacks’ Nakamoto Upgrade Bound To Propel Price

STX’s price has dropped almost 50% since reaching its ATH on 1st April, including a 21% decline this week. With a 12% and 58% decrease in crypto market cap and trading volume, respectively, its short-term outlook suggests a possible additional 10% decrease to reach the next support level.

Nevertheless, crypto analysts remain optimistic about STX’s long-term prospects as it nears a strong support zone, which is expected to catalyze a price rebound. Technical indicators, including a neutral RSI reading of 50.24, support this optimistic outlook. 

Furthermore, Stacks Network’s Nakamoto Upgrade on April 16th successfully transitioned the protocol into a Bitcoin Layer 2 chain. Experts view this as a significant development, speculating on its potential to boost STX’s price.


Milei Moneda’s Presale Success Stuns Crypto Investors 

Milei Moneda has captured the attention of Aptos and Stacks investors with its remarkable potential for a 15x ROI in a few weeks. This projection has raised eyebrows and piqued the interest of other investors seeking opportunities to recover losses incurred from other investments. Consequently, Milei Moneda’s presale orders have skyrocketed, with the sale of over 62 million tokens so far. 

Currently, Milei Moneda is in Stage 2 of its presale, offering $MEDA tokens at an altcoin price of $0.0125 each.  In Stage 3, the token price will increase to $0.015. However, what truly excites investors is the upcoming Uniswap Launch scheduled for May 21st this year, where $MEDA’s price is projected to surge significantly to $0.020.

Beyond the potential price gains, this exceptional meme coin has proven to be one of the best cryptos to invest in now, retaining investors’ interests with its unique offerings. $MEDA holders enjoy several advantages, including robust security measures, zero transaction taxes, the ability to directly influence key ecosystem decisions, and the opportunity to earn passive income from platform fees.

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