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Following a five-hour interruption that “impacted” transactions, Aptos has resumed operations.

In a twist of fate, Aptos underwent a prolonged five-hour outage, coinciding with the very week the network unfurled its virtual banners in 2022.

Aptos Network, the bedrock of Layer-1 blockchain, has successfully restored its regular operations post a considerable hiatus that left its network transactions in a state of “impact.” According to the discerning eyes of the AptoScan network tracker, the rhythmic flow of on-chain transactions on the Move language-based blockchain ceased precisely at 11:11 pm UTC on Oct. 18, encapsulated in block 104621314.

In that crucial juncture, the team explicitly communicated that the network’s transactions bore the brunt of the situation, and they were feverishly engaged in rectifying the issue. This unexpected disruption prompted crypto behemoths, Upbit and OKX, to promptly notify their users of maintenance protocols for the network, accompanied by a temporary suspension of Aptos (APT) deposits and withdrawals.

Before the digital hiccup, Aptos Labs took to the virtual stage to share a celebratory message, remarking, “It’s been a year since Aptos Mainnet burst onto the scene.” The brainchild of former Meta employees, who once sculpted Facebook’s Diem blockchain, Aptos is a venture capital-backed project that unfolded its wings on Oct. 17, 2022.

Interestingly, the glitch in Aptos is not a solitary incident in the realm of chains. On Oct. 19, the Theta Network team disclosed that a recent node upgrade birthed an “edge case bug,” halting the production of blocks on the main chain for several hours. Swiftly, a fix was deployed, and the network resumed its normal functions.

Further adding to the saga, in September, the Coinbase layer-2 network Base encountered its inaugural major outage since its inauguration in the preceding month.

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