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Arbitrum [ARB]: Dismay, Hope, and the Scarcity of Interaction

Since the protocol’s reward distribution, users of Arbitrum [ARB], the native token of the burgeoning layer 2 scaling solution, have been caught between distress and glee. While many have praised the protocol’s efficiency and speed, questions have been raised about actual token participation.

Santiment revealed in an April 3 examination of the ARB market that Arbitrum had the potential to end up like a project that airdropped tokens to early adopters but lacked trading activity. Needless to say, this sounded surprising, especially given that Abitrum had previously recorded transaction increases.

However, an examination of the activities revealed that the majority of the volume was on Uniswap’s [UNI] Decentralized Exchange (DEX). This implies that transactions on Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) were voracious. In the last 24 hours, the CEX deposit was down 7.29%.

Furthermore, holders with a large portfolio appear to be the ones accumulating. However, the action could simply be due to the perception that ARB has bottomed around $1.

Nonetheless, this group of investors did not appear to be committed to CEX trading or storage. According to Lookonchain, a whale recently purchased $7.7 million in ARB and split it between a DEX and a CEX.

This situation still reflects the previously mentioned observation of notable CEX trading history. Addresses with 1,000 to 50,000 ARBs, on the other hand, have seen a decline in accumulation or are following in the footsteps of whales.

Santiment’s insight interpreted the situation as a pattern of small investors who are not necessarily invested in the ecosystem but are bullish on a future price increase. “The beneficiary community consists of small investors exploring the possibilities of platforms,” according to the report. They spend the majority of their time testing portfolio account creation and living in LAMBO’s hope.”

As a result of this side-by-side participation, the token’s positive sentiment took a hit. At the time of publication, the metric had dropped to 49.60. This meant that the feedback on the social network was not great.

In addition, the Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio has dropped to -14.38% in the last seven days. The metric assesses market capitalization and realized value to determine market profitability and fair value.

Because the MVRV ratio was in the negative range, most holders’ portfolios were down. However, because ARB is only a month old, it may be premature to conclude that it is currently undervalued.


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