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Arkham Bounty Unearths $160M In Alleged Terra Wallets

In a groundbreaking achievement, Arkham Intel Exchange witnessed its first-ever successful case crack by two anonymous on-chain investigators, with the notable pseudonym “glorified accountant” on Twitter. This investigation shed light on undisclosed wallets harboring a staggering $160 million in digital assets linked to Terraform Labs and its founder, Do Kwon. As recognition for their efforts, the investigators were rewarded with a bounty of ARKM tokens valued at approximately $5,000 at the time.

The discovery of these wallets, containing more than 5,200 BTC, contradicted previous claims by the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) regarding their reserve, which stood at just 313 BTC. This revelation could have far-reaching consequences, particularly concerning the LFG’s mission to maintain the dollar-peg of TerraUSD (UST), where the BTC reserve played a vital role as a final defense mechanism against UST depegging. The subsequent collapse of UST and LUNA in May 2022 resulted in an estimated loss of $40 billion in value.

The newfound information about these wallets promises further insights in the coming months. However, as per Arkham’s policy, the bounty issuer retains exclusive rights to the information for a 90-day period, keeping the details under wraps.

Adding to the intrigue, Terraform Labs’ founder, Do Kwon, faced detainment in Montenegro for four months on charges related to forged documents. Prior to this, the Securities and Exchange Commission had accused Kwon and Terraform Labs of multi-billion-dollar fraud in February.

Despite Arkham Intel Exchange celebrating a promising start with its first successful bounty, it has also stirred controversy. Critics express concerns about potential misuse by bad actors to expose private information, fearing that the platform could inadvertently create a surveillance marketplace. On the other hand, supporters view it as a valuable tool to unmask wrongdoing and provide whistleblowers with a secure channel to disclose critical information.

In response to the polarizing views, Arkham Intelligence CEO, Miguel Morel, called for a nuanced perspective during The Defiant weekly livestream, urging careful consideration of what kind of information should be allowed on the platform versus what should not. Striking a balance between transparency and privacy remains a challenge, and it will be crucial for Arkham Intel Exchange to navigate this terrain responsibly as it moves forward in its mission to uncover truth and hold entities accountable for their actions.


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