Asia’s Current Gaming Domination ‘crucial’ for Web3 Games: DappRadar
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Asia’s Current Gaming Domination ‘crucial’ for Web3 Games: DappRadar

According to a new analysis, Asia is “crucial” to the Web3 gaming sector since it currently accounts for the bulk of players, gaming revenue, and blockchain technology interest.

According to research released on April 13 by the analytics platform DappRadar, 55% of the world’s gamers—over 1.7 billion people—play video games in Asia.

According to the research, it has long been “the driving force” behind the global gaming business and accounts for more than half of all gaming income. As a result of these elements, the Asia area, according to DappRadar, “plays a crucial role in the adoption of blockchain gaming.”

In Asia, China, Japan, and South Korea account for 62 of the top 100 gaming businesses by market value. These countries also dominate the region’s gaming sector. According to DappRadar, China has outlawed cryptocurrencies and forbids game developers from incorporating blockchain technology into their titles.

In the meanwhile, Sega and Sony have also announced planned blockchain games, and gaming businesses in Japan and South Korea are “leading the way in the adoption of blockchain technology in gaming.” According to a research, a poll of 1,030 Japanese men and women in their 20s to 70s found a positive prognosis for the country’s blockchain gaming market.

It was found that slightly over 40% of individuals surveyed were aware with blockchain games, and that more than half of those familiar with them thought favorably of them.

The worldwide Web3 market was also discussed, underlining the fact that “visual quality and game experience” are “slightly” more significant criteria for players to consider when assessing a new game than other elements like entrance price, active user count, and game economy.

The importance of airdrops in encouraging players to check out new games was also highlighted in the research. It was reported that gamers still anticipate receiving airdrops before beginning a new game, indicating that airdrops are thought of as “an essential factor.”


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