Bear Market Sets The Tone For Smart DApps 

Bear market compels dapps innovations for the sustiability of the crypto market in the long run. This could undoubtedly drive adoption

A 60% to 80% corrections in periodic cycles in your portfolio isn’t a safe investment option. Some cryptos nevertheless deliver 3x to 5x returns but sharp corrections dwindle faith in investors The crypto market is going through the same jolt. Bitcoin is trading at $19,000, Ethereum has consolidated at $1100. Other cryptos have lost most of their value. 

Lesser real-world utility driven applications emerging in the crypto market have been the prime reason for the mess. Investors have treated crypto market as an investment haven only. However, it has spent enough time to establish itself again as the best alternative to the traditional financial system. 

How That Can Be Acheived Through Dapps? 

Presently DeFi has been making headlines with unprecedented returns and use-cases. However, adoption at retail level is minimal. User interface and user exoperiece is at the heart of the problems obstructing adoption. For market stability, dapps must be scalable and interoperable across the ecosystem. No bridges, no swaps for interacting with protocoils. That’s the key to sustaining stability in the market. 

Users/investors so far treat crypto market as risky assets. Hence, anything happening at the Fed destroys the market. Billionaire investor Mark Cuban Says referring to the bear market, “It lasts until there’s a catalyst and that catalyst is going to be an application, or we get so low people go ‘fuck it I’ll buy some’”.

Dapps with utility driven measures will have a better impact nonetheless. Think about Facebook, App Store and Google Search consoles, they have better utility standards despite their centralization. Easier utility standards is the reason for it. 

Blockchain space can mature when that gets simplified. Just think of a possibility where the Carbon DeFi offset tokens are interchangeable via an app. That app is accessible across multiple blockchains and carbon credits can be exchange too and fro without any fuss whatsoever. 

At the moment, that’s mostly done through brokers, but a smart app would ensure everything is getting streamlined in a proper phased manner!

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