Belarusian Solidarity Fund To Aid Protestors With Bitcoin

Belarus (Courtesy: Twitter)
Belarus (Courtesy: Twitter)

Belarusian Solidarity Fund, a non-profit organisation, has started paid compensation in Bitcoin to protestors in Belarus.

According to a tweet, “NGO from the Netherlands pays citizens of Belarus in bitcoin if they were fired for ideological and political reasons. Founded by tech entrepreneurs BYSOL fund thinks that bitcoin or a stablecoin could power an alternative economy in Belarus”.

According to an article by ForkLog, the non-profit fund was founded by tech entrepreneurs Yaroslav Likhachevsky and Alexey Kuzmenkov, themselves members of the Belarusian diaspora.

The founders are part of the group that believes the Belarusian presidential elections on August 9 were rigged, and the police’s subsequent actions against peaceful protesters illegal.

“support everyone who lost their jobs because of their beliefs and wants to live in a free and democratic Belarus,” the website said.

However, the aid comes with a set of requirements and is intended for civil servants or employees of state-owned businesses.