July 24, 2024
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Binance recovers $5.8 million in connection with the Axie Infinity hack


Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, has recovered $5.8 million in stolen assets from last month’s extraordinary Axie Infinity hack.
Binance founder Changpeng Zhao claimed in a tweet on Friday that the assets were dispersed over 86 accounts.

“Today, the DPRK hacking squad began moving their stolen Axie Infinity funds. A portion of it was sent to Binance, where it was split across 86 accounts. A total of $5.8 million has been recovered,”
So, he states

According to reports, the $625 million cryptocurrency exploit was linked to North Korea’s “Lazarus” cyber organization by US security officials.

The Axie Infinity bridge’s designers, Ronin Network, announced in a blog post that the FBI had tied Lazarus to the validator breach and that the payments had been sanctioned by the Treasury Department.

As previously reported, the exploiters used the anonymity tool Tornado Cash to transfer stolen cash to ether and other cryptocurrencies.

Several thousand ether were moved in the last several days from the exploiter’s main address, which has been labelled Ronin Bridge Exploiter on the tracking service Etherscan. At the time of writing, the wallet still has $285 million in the asset.

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