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Charity in biotech connected to Vitalik Buterin Kanro gives a donation of $15 million.

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A notable stir arose when blockchain analysts red-flagged a transaction, ostensibly from Vitalik Buterin to the Gemini crypto exchange. Contrary to this assertion, a spokesperson from the Ethereum Foundation clarified the situation.

Shedding light on a recent $15 million USD Coin transaction involving Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum Foundation illuminated a matter that had piqued the interest of various blockchain tracking platforms. On the 17th of October, reports from blockchain analytics entities PeckShield and Lookonchain on X both asserted that Buterin’s wallet, known as “vitalik.eth,” transferred $14.93 million to the Gemini crypto exchange on the 16th of October.

However, a representative from the Ethereum Foundation informed Cointelegraph that the transfer was a mere endorsement from Buterin’s Ethereum Name Service (ENS), confirming a transfer from a charity multisig wallet to fund a grant. Importantly, the funds never physically departed from Buterin’s wallet.

Kanro, a biotech charity backed by Buterin, focuses on addressing COVID-19 and other pandemic-related challenges. Buterin’s crypto transactions have been under the spotlight for the past few months, with wallet transfers totaling over $3.9 million in September.

On the 24th of September, Buterin executed a transfer of 400 ETH—valued at $600,000 at that time—to Coinbase. Notably, Cointelegraph also reported a transaction of 600 ETH ($1 million) from the “vitalik.eth” address on the 21st of August, a transaction that didn’t escape the watchful eyes of on-chain monitoring platforms.

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