July 23, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
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Bitcoin and XRP Whales Abruptly Move Over $650,000,000 Worth of Crypto in Just 24 Hours

As the markets continue to move sideways, investors with deep pockets are suddenly moving hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin (BTC) and XRP.

According to newly released information from the whale-surveillance platform Whale Alert, crypto whales have abruptly moved over 500 million worth of the leading cryptocurrency asset based on market cap in just 24 hours, with the largest transaction being the transfer of 6,582 BTC worth $182,629,202 from one wallet to another.

Additional transactions employing the king cryptocurrency that have come to the attention of Whale Alert include the following:

5,000 Bitcoins with a total value of $141,189,856 were moved from one cryptocurrency wallet to another.

There was a transaction involving 3,999 Bitcoin worth a total of $112,874,776 moving from one cryptocurrency wallet to another.

The cryptocurrency exchange Gemini carried out a transaction that resulted in the transfer of 2,001 BTC worth $56,883,243 to an unidentified wallet.

The cryptocurrency exchange Kraken received a transfer of 1,098 Bitcoins for a total of $30,517,472 from an anonymous wallet.

An unidentified wallet received 1,032 Bitcoin worth $29,153,880 that was transferred from the digital asset market Crypto.com.

Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange, has confirmed the transfer of 1,001 BTC worth $28,455,835 to an unidentified wallet.

At the time of this writing, the price of one Bitcoin was $27,878. This is a loss of 1.3% over the course of the previous twenty-four hours.

The platform for tracking whales also reveals that high-network traders are making trades with XRP, the native asset that is utilized in the operation of Ripple Labs’ payments infrastructure. The astonishing amount of 100,000,000 XRP, which was valued $53,439,878 at the time, was transferred from one undisclosed wallet to another by a crypto whale.