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Bitcoin, BTC Overtakes Stocks, Commodities, Now The Best Performing Asset Of 2021

BTC records almost 50% increase on overall this year. Of Course, this is despite corrections and huge unlinking from the macro environment in Q4.
However, Bitcoin (BTC) is officially the best-performing asset of 2021, as data confirms. In just 5 days, October already is giving 15% increase. Furthermore, this makes BTC strongly outperforming macro assets worldwide with a year-to-date returns of almost 50%.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin hodlers records up to 49% year-to-date increase.

More so, despite Bitcoin’s (BTC) price volatility all through the year, downside fails to get a hold on the market. For instance, with a 60% retracement from highs in May now invalid as if makes recovery.

Additionally, The flagship cryptocurrency records at least 13% above commodities for the year. Data reveals BTC amounts a 17% over the United States micro-cap companies. Notably, BTC holders are optimistic on seeing this data picture comparing other investment performance. For example, European stocks are up just 10.3% year-to-date this week.

“After the strong Q3 performance Bitcoin is now up +49.1% year-to-date,”
the @Bitcoin Twitter account commented on the data set from investment firm NYDIG.

“The best performing asset class of 2021.”

Altcoins Still Running The Show As BTC

As seen, September wasn’t all good of a month for investors especially for Bitcoin. However, October comes with a positive change of effect. All hopes are high on some profits.

Conclusively, there are some individual success aside BTC recovery returns. Some Altcoins sees a massive bullish week, especially SOL. Solana (SOL) only was around $1.60 in the beginning of the year, but successfully hits all-time highs of over $215.

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