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Bitcoin Enters Ethopian Market

Bitcoin is taking leaps and bounds in the world scenario. It has been easily adapted all over the world with countries like South Korea, China and the United States among the front runners.

In South Korea, the crypto law is set to be placed in due course. The beaches in Busan also support cryptocurrency while China is at the threshold of cryptocurrency mining. The superpower like the United States also continues to take keen interest in cryptocurrency and is building its future vision against it.

In the recent past, it is not just the super powers, but also countries like Venezuela, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh which are taking keen interest in cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.

Now, in a significant move, Bitcoin has entered the market in Ethopia. There have been other countries in Africa, which are poor, but have shown keen interest in Bitcoin. Ethopia is one of those countries which is showing interest in the king crypto and also boasts of never being occupied.

In terms of the new digital gold, Ethopia never touched the new digital gold last year. Even though it is just a start for Ethopia but this shows that the king crypto has arrived in a country which is stricken by inflation rate as of now.

Countries like South Africa or Nigeria, incidentally, don’t look as ambitious in terms of Bitcoin but Ethopia is in race to make the most of it.

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