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Bitcoin Miners Could Soon Stop Selling, Helping Prices Jump Higher

Bitcoin miners have lately had some reprieve, as evidenced by the recent shift of the Puell Multiple. This on-chain indicator has finally witnessed a much-needed rebound after 191 days of struggle, providing good news to the crypto mining business.

The Puell Multiple is an essential indicator for assessing the condition of the Bitcoin mining sector. It computes the daily average Bitcoin mining earnings split by the daily average mining electricity cost. Se greater implies that the mining business is making enough money to cover its expenses, while a value less than one shows that it is losing money.

The recent climb in the Puell Multiple indicates that the money earned by Bitcoin mining has grown, allowing miners to pay their costs and profit. According to technical expert Peter Swift, this is a much-needed lift for the sector, which has experienced significant problems during the last 191 days.

The Puell Multiple stayed in the capitulation zone during this time, suggesting that the mining industry was failing to meet its costs and was running at a considerable loss. This boosted sale pressure as miners attempted to unload their Bitcoin holdings to reduce their losses.

Indeed, CryptoQuant on-chain data reveals that overall Bitcoin miner reserves have decreased by about 16,917 BTC since July 2022. This drop in reserves indicates a market change, with miners potentially selling their holdings or utilizing them to meet operational costs.

The decline in miner reserves generated concerns about the mining industry’s general stability and influence on the larger crypto market. Nonetheless, with the recent surge in the Puell Multiple, Bitcoin miners look to be able to breathe a sigh of relief, as greater earnings should assist in alleviating their selling pressure.

This is good news for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market since it signals that supply-side constraints may relax, potentially leading to higher prices.

Bitcoin has had a remarkable price increase, gaining more than 45% year to date. The pioneer cryptocurrency began trading in 2023 at a low of $16,540 and reached a high of $24,280 on Wednesday, outperforming Ethereum. The uptick came after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell remarked that the economy’s disinflationary tendency had begun.


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