July 24, 2024
Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Scammers Impersonate $55M Lottery Winner with Fake Facebook Accounts

According to a report in The Times Colonist, Scott Gurney, a recent lottery winner from Sidney who won $55 million, has warned the public not to send him any Bitcoin.  A number of fake accounts on Facebook have been created and are using his identity to con people out of their money. 

Multiple accounts have surfaced on the social media platform ever since Gurney claimed his lottery prize, and each of these accounts features a picture of Gurney posing with his winnings from the lottery. Some of these accounts offer financial assistance, while others contain feel-good slogans and assurances that their account is the only legitimate one in existence.

Gurney has recommended that individuals who have been duped by the scheme get in touch with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. (RCMP). He has compassion for those who might be struggling financially, but he warns that people ought to be wary of deals that appear to be too good to be true. It is still not clear how the con artists were able to convince people to send Bitcoin.

 A Pennant Pattern Is Formed By Bitcoin Close to Crucial $30,000 Resistance Level The lottery winner is a financial advisor, so he is currently keeping himself busy taking care of his clients during tax season. 

The lottery winner anticipates retiring in the month of December. He acknowledged the importance of being responsible and cautious in the management of his newly acquired wealth and described winning the lottery as a “life-altering experience.” The British Columbia 

Lottery Corporation strongly recommends that anyone who receives unsolicited messages exercise extreme caution, refrain from disclosing any personal information, and not make any payments. They recommend getting in touch with the authorities as soon as possible if any illegal activity is suspected.