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Blizzard is polling players on cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens

Blizzard, the gaming company behind Starcraft, Warcraft, and Overwatch, is polling gamers on their thoughts on NFTs and play-to-earn mechanisms. According to social media sources, the poll polled players on concerns such as augmented reality and cloud gaming, as well as other, more normal topics for a gaming company.

However, there was a part that directly questioned about these customers’ thoughts and opinions concerning the integration of NFTs and cryptocurrency features in some of the company’s gaming IPs (intellectual property).

While the study did not specifically mention the incorporation of these features into any game, it did raise concerns among some gamers that it might be in the works.

Mike Ybarra, the CEO of Blizzard, however, dismissed the proposal, saying:

In the Future, NFTs

Fans of Blizzard were taken aback by Ybarra’s response and the survey, calling the situation ridiculous. However, this poll could be tied to Activision Blizzard’s future after Microsoft announced a $69 billion takeover in January.

If the purchase of the firm clears the legal difficulties, the prospective owner may be interested in taking some of Blizzard’s intellectual property to experiment with, which would explain the appearance of the exploratory poll. However, there has been no definitive information about the poll’s provenance.

NFTs and the play-to-earn phenomenon have been strongly disputed topics among AAA franchise gamers, who have expressed opposition to their inclusion in conventional games. Some companies, on the other hand, have already included them into their business strategy, even investing in companies that are involved in the industry.

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