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Blockdaemon Lends Support To Oasis Network

Blockdaemon, a blockchain infrastructure platform for node management, has announced its support for the Oasis Network, the first privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy, as they launch their highly anticipated Mainnet network. Blockdaemon will provide extensive infrastructural support, including in-app support to deploy nodes in just a few clicks on the Oasis Network, with live monitoring and metrics tools, APIs, back-up systems and the facility to easily scale up node configurations on the network across multiple cloud providers.

Commenting on the announcement, Konstantin Richter, CEO of Blockdaemon, “Managing node infrastructure can be complicated, time-consuming and costly. Blockdaemon simplifies the process of deploying nodes, to allow developers to spend time on what they do best: innovating and building next-generation networks. With easy to use integrations and interoperability at the core of what we do, we provide enterprises with the best-fit node configurations that allow them to rapidly scale up operations. With our continued support for Oasis since early on in their project, we are taking a step towards our shared vision of a decentralized web in which security and user privacy are paramount as they approach mainnet.”

The Oasis Network is a high performant blockchain which aims to keep user data confidential and protected, while providing users with greater control and ownership of their data. Existing blockchain networks have struggled to deliver processing capabilities suitable for application in complex real world applications, Oasis Network delivers superior transaction speeds which enable sophisticated, computationally intensive, and privacy-sensitive services.

Blockdaemon and Oasis are aligned in their vision of a decentralized web in which user privacy is balanced alongside high-performance processing capabilities that allow enterprises to ensure their use-case meets real-world performance standards. Blockdaemon has collaborated with Oasis on a number of initiatives with the aim of reaching this goal, for example, deploying validator nodes on the Oasis network for trustworthy actors, such as the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. By doing so Blockdaemon supports the long-term health and integrity of the network by ensuring it retains a balanced validator set.

Commenting on the announcement, Jernej Kos, Director, Oasis Foundation said, “Blockdaemon has played a valuable role in the recent launch of the Oasis mainnet, a significant milestone towards our shared goal of a privacy-centred web. With an easy to manage suite of services that simplifies the process of deploying and managing nodes, Blockdaemon has helped secure the integrity of our network, while ensuring that it remains truly decentralized. We’re excited to further strengthen our close relationship in the coming months.”

Blockdaemon supports the longevity of blockchain networks by simplifying the process of deploying nodes. Builders looking to interact with public, permissioned-based, and staking networks can connect to 30+ protocols through the Blockdaemon Marketplace including Bitcoin, Polkadot, Cosmos, Celo, Ethereum, Filecoin and more, and deploy nodes with three simple clicks. With over 250 institutional customers, Blockdaemon is trusted by the industry’s leading networks, exchanges, enterprises, custodians, developers, and funds including Trust Wallet, Coinfund, Algorand Foundation, Ledger, Slow Ventures, and BTC Markets.

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