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Bonk and ORDI Experience Downtrend, Rebel Satoshi Emerges as a New Favorite


  • BONK’s bearish decline continues as January draws to a close.
  • ORDI has fallen following a drop-off in Bitcoin’s performance.
  • RebelSatoshi ($RBLZ) is winning hearts after unveiling NFT staking benefits for its community.

Bonk has fallen despite its outstanding growth at the end of 2023. Bitcoin’s fall below the $40,000 region has also triggered a sharp ORDI decline.

Holders of both tokens are finding solace in RebelSatoshi ($RBLZ), a meme coin ecosystem with coin staking and NFT trading benefits. The project has also sold 110 million $RBLZ tokens in its presale. Yet, can it become one of the top crypto coins? Let’s discuss.


January Brings Major Decline in Bonk’s Growth

Bonk holders are disappointed with its performance in January 2024 after a stellar growth just a month earlier. At the end of 2023, the market was filled with bullish sentiments, which caused BONK to skyrocket. BONK’s market capitalization grew from $36 million on November 1 to $1.4 billion in early December. However, BONK’s growth has lost considerable steam in January.

An extremely bullish BONK traded at $0.00002072 by December 21. It fell by 27.8% to $0.00001494 as of January 1. BONK recovered slightly, jumping by 8.3% to $0.00001619 by January 11. However, it fell by 30.2% to $0.00001129 as of January 25.

There is an argument in the meme coin community over BONK’s possible recovery. Some argue that BONK could rise again if its network activity increases. They expect such a scenario after BONK’s new wallet upgrade. BONK is still the third-largest meme coin by market capitalization. Analysts say increased network activity could push BONK up by 41.6% to $0.00001599.


ORDI Drops as Bitcoin Falls below $40,000

After several weeks of trading above the $40,000 mark, Bitcoin has fallen. As expected, its decline affected ORDI. Bitcoin had jumped in late December following excitement around spot ETFs. The excitement coincided with ORDI’s market boost. ORDI then soared on the back of the market bullishness to climb to the $70 range.

However, ORDI has since tanked as Bitcoin’s bullish momentum fell significantly in January 2024. ORDI sold at $75.15 on Christmas Day. By January 9, ORDI fell by 7.8% to $69.26. It recovered, rising by 7.4% to $74.43 as of January 16. ORDI then fell by 31.1% to $51.25 by January 22.

Analysts say ORDI could drop further if Bitcoin remains bearish. However, there are speculations that Bitcoin could rise again. Since Spot Bitcoin ETFs were launched on January 10, analysts expect an increase in trading activity in the crypto market. If Bitcoin recovers, ORDI could jump by 20.8% to $61.95.


Rebel Satoshi: Early Holders Reap 120% Benefit

RebelSatoshi ($RBLZ) is an Ethereum-based meme coin ecosystem. The network stands out for dedicating its services to making decentralization popular again. It aims to inspire decentralized movements and fair distribution of wealth in the crypto community. For this, Rebel Satoshi offers a network with multiple reward-earning opportunities for its members.

RebelSatoshi ($RBLZ) also includes community participation benefits. Members can send their memes to be featured in the project’s Hall of Fame gallery. Furthermore, early supporters of RebelSatoshi are inducted into its Rebellion Secret Council (RSC). Members of the RSC will enjoy access to secret meetings, project updates, and contributions to its decentralized revolution strategy.

RebelSatoshi ($RBLZ) has mapped out plans for raising $100 million in market capitalization. It will offer three main services: coin staking, NFT trading, and play-to-earn gaming. Staking the $RBLZ token will generate attractive returns for users depending on how long they hold their tokens. Furthermore, NFT trading will involve RebelSatoshi’s 9,999 rare NFTs. Finally, its P2E gaming adventure will come in the latter stages of its development.

$RBLZ will get listed soon. Its ongoing blockchain ICO has already sold 110 million tokens. $RBLZ is in the Monarchs Round Four of its presale, costing $0.022, after growing by 120% from its initial price. When it jumps to $0.025, $RBLZ will get listed. Its continued increase could make it one of the best cryptocurrency investments.


For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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