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Video reignited the debate — Yuga Labs’ flagship BAYC non-fungible token (NFT) collection

Yuga Labs’ most popular NFT collection contains allegedly racist and white supremacist symbols, according to a new video.

Yuga Labs’ flagship BAYC nonfungible token (NFT) collection incorporates racist imagery and white supremacist esotericism has been reignited. Rusnack set out his case, arguing that BAYC is “one giant alt-right inside joke”. And it uses language, symbols, and memes from the anonymous image board website 4Chan.

He said that the NFT graphics featured racist caricatures of Black and Asian people, and drew parallels between Yuga Labs and the BAYC’s symbolism and vocabulary and those of the Nazis.

An example cited by proponents of the claims compares the BAYC insignia to the Nazi Totenkopf symbol.

Rusnack makes a call to action at the end of the video. He is asking his viewers to pressure BAYC NFT owners to “burn” their tokens by sending them to an unusable and unrecoverable wallet address.

Artist Ryder Ripps presented a compilation of what he thinks is evidence of Nazi imagery and antisemitism in early 2022. And the charges of racial symbolism within the collection became a major subject on social media this year.

Yuga Labs responded to some of the charges without directly mentioning the topic. Yuga Labs explained why they chose a skull for the BAYC logo, saying the goal was to make the “club” look “ramshackle and divey.

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