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Brantly Millegan’s removal from the ENS Foundation is likely to fail

With 45 percent voting against his removal and 15% abstaining, a vote to remove Brantly Millegan as a director of the Cayman-registered ENS Foundation, the legal body behind the namesake distributed autonomous organization (DAO), is likely to fail.

Millegan, a key contributor to Ethereum Names Service, was fired as steward of the ENS DAO and True Names Ltd. in early February over tweets that supported traditional Catholic ideas.

True Names Ltd is in charge of the ENS code’s development. True Names Ltd. is a subsidiary of the ENS Foundation.
Millegan is authorized to cast his own vote, as voting is done on a one-token-one-vote basis. Given his assets, Millegan is the largest voter so far.

According to on-chain statistics, Nick Johnson, the founder and principal developer of ENS, who fired Millegan from True Names Ltd., has elected to abstain from voting.

Johnson was an outspoken supporter of Millegan before he was fired, tweeting that he “never saw Brantly treat someone as different or lower because of who they are.”

The ENS community was initially hostile to Millegan’s firing, with users pointing out the irony of a decentralized service chastising someone for their religious beliefs. Some of the bigger voices asking for Millegan’s dismissal have postings with similar names and appear to share Millegan’s traditionalist values.

According to CoinGecko, the ENS token is up 1% on the day, trading at $15.20.
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