Brazil’s central bank president favours crypto regulation

O presidente do Banco Central, Roberto Campos Neto, participa de audiência pública na Comissão Mista de Orçamento da Câmara dos Deputados.

As the country develops on the market, Roberto Campos Neto, governor of the central bank, acknowledges the necessity for further crypto-regulation.

President’s Thoughts

Roberto Campos Neto, president of Brazil’s Central Bank, gave his thoughts on transparent payment networks. This also included the nation’s Digital Currency Central Bank and crypto-regulation. During an online event hosted by the Council of the Americas.

Since entering office in 2019, Campos Neto has been a strong supporter of the bitcoin space. He has gradually implemented his political initiatives to promote the modernization of the Brazilian financial infrastructure for investors and organizations alike.

Welcoming Crpyto

During this occasion, Campos Neto talked about the welcome of cryptocurrencies in the regulatory environment in various ongoing debates before the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil:

“The financial market is changing so much that it’s all becoming data. We need to reshape the world of regulation.”

Last month, Fernando Carvalho, CEO of QR Capital, told Cointelegraph Brazil:

“Brazilian regulators recognize the maturation of the crypto market. Therefore, understanding that it is important to offer regulated products to investors looking forward to exploring these new asset classes.”


Over the last several years, Brazil generated noteworthy news after advancements in a government-supported digital payment project called Pix, which has gained a 45%, representing more than 96 million users. Pix partnered with cryptographic exchange OKEx in exchange for Brazilian real to facilitate purchases of Tether.

In addition, the company Hashdex Asset Management established a new Exchange Traded Foundation (ETF), named BITH11, in Brazil last week. The first ETF is to give 0.15% of its liquid assets to carbon credits and eco-tech annually.

Neto is Enthusiastic

Campos Neto is enthusiastic about recognizing the necessity of promoting legislation to meet the demands of innovation among Brazil’s notable achievements in the field of cryptocurrency:

“How can we reshape the word’ regulation?’ Finance will become about data. It will be impossible to regulate financial transactions without understanding the regulation of data.”



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