July 23, 2024
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BREAKING: BlackRock Has Applied For Ethereum Spot ETF

BREAKING: BlackRock Has Applied For Ethereum Spot ETF
  • According to breaking information, BlackRock has filed for Spot Ethereum ETF.

Documents released to Nasdaq’s website revealed BlackRock’s application for the Ethereum Spot ETF.

BlackRock’s application is described on the Nasdaq website as a “proposed rule change for listing and trading shares of the iShares Ethereum Trust (“Trust”) under Nasdaq Rule 5711(d) (“Commodity-Based Trust Shares”).”

According to records published on the Delaware Department of State Corporations Division website earlier today, the Wall Street titan registered documents for the iShares Ethereum Trust in Delaware.

This move was viewed as the corporation applying for an Ethereum Spot ETF, and the statements were confirmed.

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The company performed a similar approach before applying for Bitcoin Spot ETF, registering documents and sending the ETF application to the SEC a week later. For Ethereum, BlackRock moved more quickly, submitting the ETF application on the same day.

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