Breitling Introduces Digital Passport Linked Through Blockchain Technology

Breitling (Courtesy: Twitter)
Breitling (Courtesy: Twitter)

According to an official media statement, Breitling brings forward a private and unique digital passport, a digital certificate of ownership securely linked to your Breitling watch through blockchain technology. This certificate provides you great benefits as an owner.

  • Traceability
    Access key information related to your watch, including product information, warranty status and full history
  • Transparency
    Engage in a one-to-one anonymous conversation with your Breitling Squad and benefit from all the brand’s services
  • Tradability
    Transfer your current ownership to the new owner of your watch via a simple and secured blockchain transaction

The digital passport is currently only available to new Breitling watches and is accessible by scanning the QR code from your warranty card. You can also register your watch manually if needed.

As of mid-January 2021, the digital passport and all its benefits will be extended to previously produced Breitling watches.

“You will be able to register your Breitling watch manually, providing your watch model reference and serial number that you will find on the back of your watch,” the statement further added.